With the current leaks, speculation and rumours surrounding the new Nexus 5 device currently finding its way around the net, you would be forgiven to wonder when or if the Nexus 4 will be pulled from sale.

Android Police are reporting that the LG/Google Nexus 4 16GB has sold out, with a notice stating on the Play Store that the store is out of stock and to check back soon. This has lead to rumour mill starting up, after Google did confirm to The Verge that there was no plans to restock the diminished 8GB Nexus 4, which has been sold out now for the last few weeks.


This of course lead to speculation that the Nexus 4 price drop was really more like a clearance sale, which still continues to this day here albeit for the mean time at least.

The Verge has since reported about the outage of Nexus 4 16GB device, that “a trusted source with knowledge of the company’s plans” that Google has no plans to restock the 16GB Nexus 4.

So could Google be preparing for the Nexus 5 launch anytime soon? All this does point to such but we shall await to see what will play out.

Stocks of Nexus 4 in both 8GB and 16GB are still available through the Play Store here in Australia, but time might be running out very soon.

Do you think Google can be preparing for the new Nexus 5 device? Could stocks of the Nexus 4 be almost sold out here soon?

Source: Android Police.
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Hi Alex what is the cost of 8GB and 16GB models. As you corectly state they are sold out in US.

Daniel Tyson

The 8GB sells for AU$249 and the 16GB for $299AU + a shipping charge on top.


Thanks very much!