Android Kit Kat
After the specially marked Android themed Kit Kat bars began arriving in Woolworths stores last week, the competition run by Nestlé in co-operation with Google is now open.

The competition, which gives you the chance to win a one of a thousand Nexus 7 Tablet 16GB or one of 25 thousand, $5 Google Play vouchers, runs from the 1st of October(today) until 11.59pm Australian Eastern Daylight Saving Time (“AEDST”) on Monday 9 December 2013. To enter you need to purchase one of the specially marked 45g Kit Kat bars you can see pictured above from any participating Woolworths supermarket or Woolworths Petrol. On the inside of the pack you will find an 8-digit code that you enter into the Kit Kat website.

The launch however has not been exactly smooth, I’ve been trying to enter my codes since I woke this morning but it keeps stalling on the post code, it does not seem to want to accept my perfectly legitimate post code – nor a neighbouring one. I’ve had Chris try it out with his details and he has had the same issue, with apparently no 4-digit post codes being accepted.

There’s also some controversy in the US, where the Hershey run competition may have slightly different rules, with some people being advised that no matter how many times they enter, they are only eligible to win one prize. With entrants being advised that there is only ‘one prize per name, address, email and/or household’. Our competition here in Australia is run by Nestlé, it appears from the terms and conditions for the competition are available on the Kit Kat Australia homepage that there is nothing stopping multiple entries.

We’ve contacted Nestle Australia with regards to the competition form not accepting entries. We’ll update with any further details.

UPDATE: Nestlé Australia has advised that the issue has been resolved and the site is now accepting codes. I’ve confirmed this…but haven’t won. Has anyone won anything yet?

How many Kit Kat codes do you have so far?

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I get same error.

@KitKat twitter is directing people to for help

Matt Coutts

It seems even better than that – the field itself *requires* a four digit postcode – see here:

For what it’s worth, didn’t work for me either.


I won a $5 voucher, message said wait 2 days to be contacted about voucher, that was a week ago, nothing yet! 🙁

Daniel Tyson

Check your SPAM folder – all my emails from Nestle with codes have ended up in there.


Oops probably deleted so 🙁 Thanks anyway Daniel


Kit kats back on sale at Woolies down at 95 cents (half price) offer through until the 29th Oct… well WA atleast.
Just when you thought it was safe

Daniel Tyson

Just ordered my second box……I have no shame.

Darren Ferguson

Last 3 times I entered it had an “error”. Try again and the code has already been used. WTF?

Also they are no longer $1 🙁

Ben Bootsma

Mine are also getting errors as of the day before yesterday. I sent an email but it didn’t sound like anyone else has reported it. Don’t know if it is even registering the entries. If you are still getting errors, please click the contact link at the bottom of the page so that they see this is a wider issue than just me 😉

Darren Ferguson

I contacted them and they basically asked me every question on the ‘enter contest page’. I later got an email notifying me that I was not a winner. Thanks. No idea if the problem is resolved or if it will happen again. I’m taking a break and not having any kit kats for awhile.

Darren Ferguson

Got another email from them. They are looking into it. They also sent me a list of all the codes that I entered and noted if I had won anything with them. All none except the $5 I won on the first one.


Got the same email saying that they are looking into the issue. But i didn’t have to load them with my details, they just pulled up my code to tell me the bad news!!.. not so hard to find with just one code in the system : )
Popped back to the city Woolies to maybe grab another, the box was empty, competition is doing its thing!
No wonder there was a zero cash partnership between Nestle and Google. Nestle must be loving it!


This might sound hard to believe but ive Won 2xnexus 7 and 3x$5 of Google play credit 😀 have bought about 11 bars for $1 at woolies 😀


Lucky sod.
So far, I’m on 20 bars, 0 wins.

Drew Freyling

I just won one as well! Interesting it says the RRP is only valued at $218. It better be the 2013 model!!!

James Z

its the 2013 model u getting some website lists the 2013 nexus 7 16gb as $299 some place u can get for cheaper but wining one is actually really awesome congrats

Drew Freyling

Thanks. How do u know its the newer model?

James Z

well considering the kit kat android was recently announced and to concide with that they decide to do a promotion so i really doubt google is gonna give ppl the old nexus 7 because its just pointless

Drew Freyling

I can confirm they are the 2013 model. Mine just arrived from Nestle 🙂


Woo Hoo!!! Won a Nexus 7. Anyone know if the ones they are giving away are the 2013 model?

James Z

its the 2013 model


I bought one and won $5 Google Play Credit!! 🙂


How much per each?

Daniel Tyson

According to the Woolworths Catalogue they’re $1 per bar from tomorrow.


Phew, so it wasn’t that Kit Kt and AusPost had teamed up and were blocking entries from rooted devices based on their postcode!!


Might be worth waiting a few days til the frenzy of people entering codes has calmed down a bit.

“There will be a total of 26,000 minutes randomly identified between the Promotion start time and date and close time and date. The first valid entry received after one of those minutes has passed will win a prize.”

Drew Freyling

They are working now!


Yep. No win for me :o(


Clearly its not working properly, because it claims that I didn’t win! Surely something must have gone wrong 😉


I have them and reported the postcode problem


It’s unlikely but what if the 9th of December isn’t an arbitrary date but the Australian release date of the Nexus 5. Soon long to wait. (then again waiting until the 14th feels a long way away atm)


9th December is a bit close to Xmas for an initial release date. However, they might stagger the international release like they did for the 2013 Nexus 7.

After the debacle of the Nexus 4, I expect the Nexus 5 to be somewhat delayed release in Aus. I just hope it’s compatible with the LTE here.


i hit the same problem.