There’s no doubt that Blackberry is in a bit of trouble, unless you’re a Blackberry executive, then you’re probably rocking back and forth in the corner of a room repeating to yourself how everything will be as it once was.

Blackberry has published an open letter basically telling everyone that everything is okay. Despite the widely regarded failure of Blackberry 10 devices to make any difference to the tale of woe, BBM for Android and iOS being delayed indefinitely after leaked versions got out and almost constant rumours about how or when Blackberry might be sold, Blackberry is telling us that everything’s fine, and BBM for Android will come to the rescue. Maybe.

After previously promising BBM (Blackberry Messenger) for Android and then reneging on that promise, it looks as if BBM for Android is back. Again. After the initial failed launch, the Android app is now due ‘within days’.

Whether this will eventuate or not is one question, and whether it will matter or not is another. With dwindling user numbers and a general lack of interest in most things Blackberry are doing, releasing BBM as a cross-platform service might be too little, too late.

Source: Reuters.
Via: Android Community.
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    Shea Quinn

    I just want it to hurry up so I can ditch carrying two devices >_<


    Don’t gives us hints, just tell us when you already release the actual thing -.-