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The Humble Bundle 7 with Android has just gone on sale over at the Humble Bundle Website, offering users the chance to pick up 4 games for whatever price you wish to pay, with the option to pay above the average and score two more great titles as well.

The games included for whatever price you wish to pay are Ticket to Ride, Greed Corp, Incredipede and Anodyne but, if you want to pay above the average price of $6.52 at the moment, you’ll receive two extra games – Worms Reloaded and The Bard’s Tale with more games promised to be ‘coming soon’.

Included in the bundle are the soundtracks for most of the games – Incredipede doesn’t seem to have one but Anodyne has both a soundtrack as well as a ‘Remix’ soundtrack available.

The games included also come with Mac, Linux and Windows versions and with the Humble Bundle you can also choose to pay $1 extraAs pointed out by Trent in the comments below – you simply have to pay at least $1 to receive the Steam Keys to the games in addition to the DRM free downloads.

Remember, to help keep a track of all your Humble Bundle purchases, the Humble Bundle Beta app is now available in Google Play.

Funds raised through the Humble Bundle of course can be split four ways, between the Humble Bundle organisers, Developers and one of two charities – Electronic Frontier Foundation(EFF) and Child’s Play. All worthy of receiving equal shares of your dollars and you get some great games out of it. Head over to the Humble Bundle website to check it out.

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    Trent Hill

    Hey Daniel, you’ve misunderstood the $1 for steam keys thing.
    It’s not an additional $1 for the keys, you simply must pay AT LEAST $1 to get a steam key.
    Previous bundles were rife with abusers paying 1c for the bundle a few hundred times and then trying to sell the steam keys later.
    The $1 minimum was intending to reduce that (but notice they haven’t banned it or forced anyone to pay more than 1c if they are really that cheap).


    Since STEAM is (ab)used as a DRM, the claim that the Humble Bundle 7 is DRM Free is a false and misleading claim.

    Trent Hill

    You can download the binaries directly from the humble bundle website for every game in every available variant (windows, mac, linux, android).
    Steam distribution and auto updating is a convenience to many who are willing to tolerate the DRM, but not a requirement for the humble bundle.
    Yours is the misleading and false claim.

    Brad Hook

    All you write is negative comments…
    Why? The target here is Android, not really PC.
    Steam is absolutely great as a platform anyway. Do you actually use it? I prefer to buy my PC games through Steam.


    Stupid. You can pay for the option of Steam Keys but you can also directly download from the Humble Bundle site. Ditto with the Android APK files. I usually choose the Steam option because it’s a great distribution tool and I can live with the DRM.