If you’re a fan of the Tiny Tower games and Star Wars, then this newest game called Star Wars: Tiny Death Star by developer Nimblebit will certainly interest you. Nimblebit have developed a Tiny Tower game based in the Star Wars universe in co-operation with Disney and LucasArts and the best part for us in Australia is that it’s available here exclusively – for now.

The premise of the Tiny Tower games is that you build rooms within an apartment block – in this case the Death Star – that fulfill different purposes as they attract different characters i.e living quarters, work etc. The apartments or rooms are of course Star Wars themed so you’ll be building rooms such as interrogation chamber, blast doors and tractor beams.

It’s a freemium based game – of course – so it’s a free download but if you want to get avoid long waits for things or get improved or upgraded gear then you can use In-App purchases to acquire in-game currency. I’ve played through the Tiny Towers games in the past and they tend to allow you to get through without spending a cent but it’s a fairly long grind. Check it out on Google Play.

Source: GooglePlay.
Via: AndroidPolice.
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    Freemium. NO.

    I’m sick of Disney’s freemium model. Its a no go for me.


    Not just Disney. But any and all game devs which design games to drive gamers into needing to pay to play to have any realistic hope of successfuly playing.
    Far as I am concerned
    Freemium. Just Say NO!


    Until people stop pirating, devs will keep doing this. It’s disheartening that when I want more information on an Android game and start typing it into Google, it always autocompletes to “Android Game apk.”

    There are many great things about Android but the ease of piracy is not one of them. No wonder devs are increasingly resorting to these freemium models in the hope that a free download will lock people in and maybe get some ad support.