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Google has released two new commercials for the Nexus 7(2013) in the US. Google has gotten pretty good at their marketing of late especially their commercials, the latest ones focus on using Google Now as well as Hangouts.

The first one – titled Google Nexus 7: Study Hal – is actually more US-centric as it focuses on a college student who is using Google Now for searching coffee shops at which to study at and also uses it to purchase a text book – an option not yet available here in Australia, although Google assures us that it will be coming.

The next commercial has all the feels – titled Google Nexus 7: Best Friend – it shows a heart breaking message of a beloved pet not doing so well health wise and the way Google Now can help you find your way home.

Google is getting awfully good at these commercials, I haven’t seen any on mainstream TV here in Australia as yet, but I believe they would do extremely well if they did. Especially the recently released localised one that popped up on the Google Australia YouTube channel.

Have you purchased a new Nexus 7?

Source: Google Nexus YouTube Channel.
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Benjamen Meiers

What happens at 7:12 on Wednesday the 23rd of October. A Google hint? Why else would this ad take place in the future? 0:08 in the 2nd ad.