The Nexus 5 has been essentially photographed from all angles, been torn down, taken out for drinks at a bar and had a how to guide on servicing leaked and so the only real questions remain are ‘how much’ and ‘when’?

According to AndroidGeeks, the Nexus 5 will take the same path as the updated Nexus 7 in launching at a slightly higher price point. With the leaked Service Manual confirming 16GB and 32GB options, the rumour is that pricing will start at US$399 for the 16GB model and go up to US$449 for a 32GB model.

The other rumour being floated is that Google will finally release an official LTE version of the Nexus 4. While the Nexus 4 actually shared a lot of the internal componentry of the LTE enabled LG Optimus G, it did not actually come with any LTE Amplifiers included rendering the included LTE Radio inside the Nexus 4 useless. Band 2 LTE was found to work on the Nexus 4 in the US, albeit with a little tinkering but official support was never forthcoming and that could be about to change with AndroidGeeks also advising that the LTE enabled Nexus 4 will begin selling for US$299 for a 16GB version and an upgraded 32GB LTE enabled Nexus 4 will sell for US$349.

It’s rumour and conjecture at this point, the rumoured October 14th and 15th launch dates have come and gone and still there’s no official word from Mountain View. If this rumoured pricing is to be believed, we could be looking around the AU$449 mark for the 16GB version and AU$500 for the 32GB version of the Nexus 5, with the specs that are rumoured, I believe the phrase is ‘Shutup and take my money!!’

Will you pay these prices for a Nexus 5, or would you prefer an LTE enabled Nexus 4?

Source: AndroidGeeks.
Via: GSMArena.
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Hell if its 32GB with a *decent* camera and all of the rumored improvements I’ll give them $750 – 1000 without blinking.


This is perfect timing. Currently on the iPhone 5 and was not impressed at all with the 5s. Time to make the switch to Android I think!!!


if its $450 – i’ll definitely be moving away from my dated iPhone – hopefully the days of paying $900 for a bldy phone are over.


For the specs you get especially at launch, this is quite a compelling price (more so when you look at the competition). Although LTE isn’t mentioned explicitly for the N5, I can’t imagine Google omitting it this time round, especially after all the grief they got with N4. However if the rumours are true about the N4 getting LTE…..will interested in seeing if they make the necessary adjustments to accommodate this (battery) particularly how average N4 battery life already is. If so gonna be some tough decisions come November (Damn these first world problems). Was a bit underwhelmed last year… Read more »


at 32GB with LTE and a decent Camera I would happily pay $750.

I’d prefer to pay more to get more,this race to the middle with phones isn’t me. And if you want top tier pay for it.


Hey, just be thankful they are not releasing a Nexus 5 for $500 and a Nexus 5s made of plastic and cheaper materials and charging $499 like another company. For $500, I would get the 32GB in a heart beat. My wife is using my Nexus 4 while I have the ONE, but we would probably split withthe $1k to both get one….. Nexus 4 is the best I have used….

Jeffrey Atack

Well I guess Apple could suck all your data and sell it back to advertisers to subsidise the handset cost


$350AUD for either offering you describe would be tolerable. With the pricing as is, though, no sale.
If those prices were for a 16Gb and 32Gb G2 LTE GNE, then ‘Shutup and take my money’ would be appropriate.


What are you talking about!?


Dan was asking if $500 for a 32Gb N5, or $450 for a 16Gb N5, with no mention of LTE, would be ‘Shutup and take my money’
I’m saying no to both. $350 for those specs would be tolerable.
I’m saying $500 for a 32Gb G2 LTE GNE, or $450 for a 16Gb G2 LTE GNE would be ‘Shutup and take my money’


I don’t think anyone expects the N5 to not have LTE, especially if an LTE enabled N4 is being rumoured. What are you referring to when you say, “G2 LTE GNE”?


GNE is the TLA for Google Nexus Edition.
They are special editions of certain major devices from the manufacturers, which run strictly vanilla Android.


How is the N5 pricing “tolerable” when if it were a “G2 LTE GNE” it would be completely different? You do realise they are almost the same phone, right?


Ahh Jeni is anything good enough for you. $500 is cheap for the quality of product you get. So yes Jeni it is yet another negative comment. Personally I think those prices are right for what you get.

David Anderton

I was kinda hoping it would be a bit cheaper. $450 is a fair bit for only 16gb even though it has a great cpu etc..

SYD Harry

So Nexus 5 Australian price would be $459.!!
Is that worth for that price?

Alexei Watson

I don’t think we will see an LTE N4.
– battery life would be appalling, and I can’t see them redesigning to fit a new battery
– Current SoC doesn’t support worldwide LTE frequencies, also can’t see them redesigning to suit.
– If there was a redesign happening, surely we’d have seen it getting approved by now?

hey prove me wrong though, N4 is a great device.

Damon Lewis

Well it’s still the 15th in the US now so there is a small (tiny) chance it will be announced today….