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Despite making considerable improvements to performance with Android 4.1’s Project Butter, it seems Google aren’t quite done yet. French website L’Expansion are reporting that Google have acquired FlexyCore, a French startup, for €16.9 million (about US $23.1 million).

FlexyCore are the developers behind droidBooster, an ‘Android accelerator’ that generates highly-optimised Dalvik code, claiming to improve the performance of an Android device by 10 times. It is said to do this without any negative impact on battery life.

A spokesman for Google France is quoted as saying that FlexyCore has already been integrated into their teams to work to optimise the performance of Google’s mobile operating system (Android).

Yesterday, I would have dismissed droidBooster as a placebo at best, but if Google is willing to shell out $23 million, there must be some truth to FlexyCore’s claims. It may be too late for Google to incorporate any of FlexyCore’s work into KitKat, but Google have promised improved performance on even low-end devices with Android 4.4, so it’s possible Google have had this up their sleeve for a while.

Source: L'Expansion (French).
Via: Engadget.
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    Sean Royce

    Although I’ve switched to iOS, it’s still good to see that Android is getting the performance boost it needs.



    I almost considered iOS when the iPhone 4S was a nice bit of tech at the time but android has been smashing apple since they released the 5

    Sean Royce

    To be honest, the main reason I switched was I realised that I don’t customise my phone like I used to. I can deal with limited capabilities. All I do is make the occasional phone call and text like crazy, and the iPhone does a damn fine job at that, also I felt like a change of pace.