Humble bundle

If you’ve already bought Humble Bundle 7 for Android, here’s another reason to rejoice – you now get a further three games, plus DLC for Ticket to Ride. If you were holding out, all you have to do is pay more than the average price ($6.19 at the time of writing) and you’ll pick up nine rad indie games together with their soundtracks. The games are all DRM-free and can be downloaded on your Android device or your PC.

Today’s additions to the Bundle are Broken Sword: Director’s Cut, Organ Trail: Director’s Cut and Anomaly Korea, with the Ticket To Ride: Europe DLC also added. As a reminder, the original games were Ticket to Ride, Greed Corp, Incredipede and Anodyne.

Apart from giving indie developers some pretty great exposure, the Humble Bundle is great because a percentage of each sale is donated to charity – the Child’s Play Charity, and the Electronic Frontier Foundation. When you buy the Bundle, you can allocate how much of your purchase price goes to each charity, as well as to the developers or Humble Bundle Inc to cover the costs of the promotion.

Have you picked up Humble Bundle 7 yet? Why or why not?

Source: Humble Bundle.