Android Kit Kat
With Android 4.4 yet to even be released, it seems that stocks of Android themed Kit Kat bars that are supposed to be promoting the launch, which only went on-sale at the end of last month in selected Woolworths supermarkets and Service stations are running low, with some Supermarkets already receiving the standard plain packaged Kit Kat bars only.

New boxes of Kit Kat bars arriving in Woolworths stores to replenish stocks, that are currently depleting rapidly due to the supermarket selling the bars at 94Β’ this week, are the standard – though still delicious – non-Android themed bars. We asked NestlΓ© Australia for confirmation that the Android themed bars were indeed running out of stock and they advised :

last of the specially marked KIT KAT androids were sent out to Woolworths distribution centre the week starting 7th October.

This is to try to exhaust the promotional stock by the end of the promotional period, so that consumers are not disappointed by buying a specially marked pack only to find that the promotion has ended.

Unfortunately this means that the stores where the KIT KAT android is selling through quickly may now start to receive our regular KIT KAT packaging.

While the codes from within the specially market Android Kit Kat bars can still be claimed through the Kit Kat Australia website until the promotion closes at 11:59pm AEDST on the 9th of December, actually finding the Android themed bars may prove to be difficult, so our recommendation is to get out and grab as many as you can and try to claim any remaining $5 Google Play Gift Card Vouchers or Nexus 7 tablets that are being given away.

The question now remains, will Android themed Kit Kat bars be around long enough to see the launch of the Software that they are intended to promote? Make sure you have a couple of bars to munch on while watching the launch – whenever that may be.

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    Benjamen Meiers

    Yeah they were out of stock within a day of going on sale the first two times here. So when it went 1/2 price I bought five πŸ˜€ -> won 5$ code… Went there the next day and they were sold out again. Looks like they underestimated how many they were going to sell. Let us hope that Google doesn’t do the same mistake.

    Darren Ferguson

    Some idiots stole one but left the wrapper last night where my wife works. She wrote the code down for me, I won $5.
    Idiot shoplifters missed out!


    I’ve never seen one at my two closest Woolworths. They’re always sold out..


    Then they better hurry up and release the friggin operating system.


    i won a heap of play vouchers early on but haven’t won anything for ages. Am still to actually eat one myself.. the kids love the competition though πŸ˜€


    Bought a handful last week and only got one $5 Play voucher. Wasn’t terrible but it took a while to get through the plastic takeaway container full of Kit Kat.


    I’m now sick of Kit Kats. πŸ˜›


    They’re not in the shape of the Android Kit-Kat logo are they?


    nope just the normal type