After a month and a half, Rockstar Games has finally released their game companion App ‘iFruit’ for Android, joining the GTA V manual that was released a couple of weeks ago.

Announced via their Twitter account the App is very late to the party having launched on iOS the same day the game launched (September 17th), although still better off than Windows Phone 8 users who are still waiting.

The iFruit app allows you to do a few things, such as customise your car through in-game car modifier – Los Santos Customs. Including the ability to ‘create and reserve custom license plates for both Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online’ the Play store description comically encourages players to ‘order your personalized plates before they’re gone!’ which after a month and a half of exclusive access to iOS users, exactly how many exclusive plates will be left?

You can also control your in-game canine – Chop – as well, allowing you to earn enough points to accumulate new Dog Collars…..yep. Chop can be useful, as he can sniff out hidden items when you take him for a walk and the App allows you to teach Chop some new commands as well.

The App also includes log into Rockstar Games Social Club, use the GTA V Facebook equivalant LifeInvader and launch other Rockstar Games apps. While it’s nice to have, the app is not actually necessary to have to complete the game, although it will be fun to play around with the dog commands and car customisations.

The companion app is now available to download from Google Play but beware at 241MB you’ll probably want to download it over Wi-Fi, you’ll also need a device running Android 3.0 or higher to install the App.

Have you completed GTA V yet? Did you even use Chop the dog?

Source: Rockstar Games.
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    Finished it and never bothered with Chop outside the first time you use him to sniff around train carriages.


    Ahh legend!! Thanks Dan I finished the main story already but I can still use it to customize cars etc.. So better than nothing..

    Dylan Wheeler

    Story missions completed about 3 weeks ago! Took chop for 1 walk and realised he was pretty useless without training.


    That’s nice, but I finished GTA on Thursday to make way for Arkham:Origins. Sure, I didn’t 100% the game, but I’m not likely to go back now to sort that out.

    Just wish I could have done something useful with Chop during the game…


    Wow that’s a lot smaller than the iPhone app. Wasn’t that one almost 500mbs?

    Will give this a download today. 🙂

    Benjamin Dobell

    You should see what the iPhone app is made of. Each different angle of Chop is a different high-res image and different collars or different toys in his mouth are again a different image set. It’s complete madness. Just running PNGCrush over the images drastically shrunk them.