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Android Kit Kat 4
If you’re a true Android fan, then a must for your collection is an Android shaped Kit Kat bar that was recently created by Nestlé in cooperation with Google to celebrate the upcoming launch of Kit Kat. Ten were given away on the Kit Kat Facebook page and Ausdroid reader Anthony won Android shaped Kit Kat number 463.

But, rather than be responsible for eating one of these chocolatey masterpieces, of which only 500 were made worldwide, Anthony has decided to pass the onus of what becomes of the chocolate Android on to someone else by auctioning off the creation on eBay.

The auction has been started at $19.99 + $10.50 shipping, the Auction will run until the 11th of November at 18:19:04 AEDT at which time, the fate of the chocolate bugdroid will be decided by the new owner.

Weighing in at 62grams, the Android was Made in the United Kingdom and comes in a sealed package which is individually numbered – this one is number 463. The nutritional information on the plastic wrapping, tells us that the 62gram Android – a four finger Kit kat is normally 45grams – is the equivalant of 3 servings, with a single serve equal to 425kJ. The Best Before date on the Android lists November 2013, so there isn’t much time to decide what to do with this Android delight once the auction ends.

This is a great opportunity to get a piece of Android history – albeit a perishable one – so you’ll want to hop on over to eBay where the first bids are already starting to appear.

Update: It appears that another limited edition Android Kit Kat – number 462 this time – has also made its way to eBay, with Ausdroid reader Leslie advising that the auction is now live. The auction for this Kit Kat did start at $0.99 but has quickly jumped all the way up to $54 + $6.99 Shipping and handling. There’s now two chances to get your own Chocolate Android Kit Kat figure, so head on over to eBay and check this one out

Source: eBay Kit Kat #463eBay Kit Kat #462.
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    I hope this tie-in edible masterpiece will soon hit stores worldwide…

    Hugh Jackman mate

    If you have a disposable income that you can drop $50+ dollars on a chocolate bar, please don’t do it. Give that money to cancer research, autism, the homeless. SOMETHING more worthy than a damn chocolate bar. Thanks.

    Sujay Vilash

    Unbelievably, the bid is already at AUD50 with freight on top of that.


    next time would you mind posting the link

    Daniel Tyson

    My Bad, updated now.

    David Watt

    lol…would be a nice thing to have, but let’s face it. it’s not going to last very long, unless you find some way of keeping it from perishing. In a vaccuum perhaps 😀

    Daniel Tyson

    Vacuform mould and then either get vinyl mould made of it or just keep making more home-made Android Kit Kats!!!


    Chocolate actually holds its form and appearance a remarkably long time. Whether I’d advise eating is another matter.