Well would you look at that, Telstra’s website is now showing the Nexus 5 alongside a minimum price of $69/mo. The link to the device’s own webpage is dead (for now), however, the pre-order link works perfectly fine.

There’s no shipping date on the site, but the 26th of November seems likely — in corroboration with information given to us.

It looks as though Telstra will be the first carrier to take the Nexus 5 on board, most likely because of their strong relationship with LG.


Source: Telstra.
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Chris Watson

I just think its good that Telstra is carrying this phone. May not be the best outright value, but it does give more people the opportunity to taste vanilla goodness


Pro tip: its the 16gb variety.


what a rip!


That’s a pretty meh value, I’m using telstra pre-paid, using the $50 recharge. So i’m still paying $69/month if you divide up the outright cost, but I get an extra 2.8gb data and $400 of calls, as well as free calls/text from 6pm-6am. I guess for those that can’t afford the $470 it’s not bad, but it would be much wiser to get an iPhone on a similar plan, sell it, and use that money to buy the N5 outright, then you can pocket the difference.


maybe they are buying the phone from LG at a higher price then google play sells it


How on earth is $69 the small plan?

Would have switched to Telstra but who am I kidding, they never would have released this at a decent price.


that is insane $70 bucks for 24 months for a $400 phone. Crazy. Feeling pretty good with my Nexus 5 on a grandfathered $45 a month unlimited calls and txt plan from Vodafone.


I think you might be insane… Sorry but that’s not overpriced. Do you even understand how MRO works? The “Small” Teltra plan is $60 WITHOUT a phone. If you go on a 24month contract telstra “gives” you a $10 monthly bonus to put towards monthly repayments on a phone. The above plan is only $9 more expensive then the base $60 plan. If you add the $9 extra to the $10 mro credit it works out at $19 a month. $19 x 24 months = $456. Try and get a 32gb N5 delivered to aus from the google play store… Read more »

Peter Massey


If I knew Telstra were doing this deal, I would have waited. My contract expires in couple weeks and so would have picked it up.

I’d just flashed stock Nexus firmware back on it anyway.


You are right. I also forgot how much I paid for my 32 gig. But I am not really trying to compare apples with apples. You may have noticed I mentioned Vodafone. I might be old fashioned but back when I bought phones on plans on Vodafone I expected to pay for the plan and a slightly discounted phone over the life of the plan not full price. I would still argue its crazy to go on a fixed plan with this when if you can scrape up the $470 and go BYO you are not locked in to anything.… Read more »


Comparatively it is expensive. When you compare the outright costs of phones like the s4, One and z1 to Telstra’s contract price, you are paying Telstra a similar price for a cheaper phone if you buy the n5 through them.

The BYO plan is an expensive way to access Telstra’s network.


Actually the price of the phone shows up the overpricing on the plans – which leads to the “how much!!!?” on the ‘small’ plan cost. Whilst flagship phone prices have dropped, carrier prices have risen and included amounts have withered (particularly in view of necessary bandwidth for smartphones). Wouldn’t it be nice if we had either real competition, or a government regulator that actually did something – or both maybe? As a comparison, in the UK you can get 500mins, unlimited texts and 1GB internet for …………. wait for it………… £10pm (or $17.20) – no contract. And of course that… Read more »


“don’t be so blatantly proud of your ignorance”. Dude take a chill pill. no need for slagging off people personally. I read and comment on this site because most discussions are on the topic and not personal. We are just expressing our opinion, and I don’t appreciated being told I am ignorant over a phone plan.


Yeah sorry mate. It was a bit over the top.


Fair enough and thank you. Good point. You pay for what you get. I am happy with my Vodafail plan, but I know plenty of people who are not. So after my first comment I think I should retract that and now echo the sentiment of another poster here in say, I it is good that the best telco in Australia, Telstra, is going to pick up one of the best handset out there and run with it. So this is great news for the consumer if you have the cash.


Can’t wait for da dumb Asian girls to buy this via telstra




Buy out right get prepaid then get the nexus 6 in twelve months


You’re welcome.