Android Kit Kat
It’s been a long run, some people have won Google Play Credit, some have won Nexus 7 tablets….sometimes even multiple tablets, but tonight it comes to an end. All entries into the Nestlé Android Kit Kat promotion must be entered prior to 11:59pm or they’ll go to waste.

Of the 1,000 Nexus 7 tablets on offer at the beginning of the competition, according to the list of Nexus 7 winners on the Nestlé Australia site 871 have been won, although this list is only for winners up until the 1st of December, the final list will be updated on the 17th of December according to the terms and conditions.

If there’s any Nexus 7 tablets unclaimed after tonight, there will be a second chance draw according to the Terms and Conditions to determine winners for those tablets on the 11th of March with the Winners being announced on the Nestlé website :

The Promoter may conduct an unclaimed prize draw at 11am at the same place as the original prize draws on Tuesday 11 March 2014 to distribute any unclaimed prizes by that date, subject to any written directions given by a relevant lotteries or gaming authority. The first valid entry drawn will win the prize of the highest value and the draw will continue awarding unclaimed prizes in descending order of value until all unclaimed prizes have been distributed. All winners will be contacted in writing within 48 hours of the prize draw. The names and postcodes of all winners of such a draw will appear at by Tuesday 18th March 2014.

So, get out any Kit Kats you have left and be sure to enter the codes in by tonight, scour your local Woolworths for any left over specially marked Android Kit Kats and enter those in and if there’s any unclaimed tablets we’ll let you know as soon as Nestlé updates their site.

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i hate you all! At least the chocolate was nice.


You are most definitely not alone in your jealousy of the folks who managed to score wins, usually multiple times.


4 tablets and about $500 Google Play credit here… haha… best competition ever!

I’ll be glad when it’s over… the temptation to buy more damn kitkats is always there.

BTW, for those with wrappers left.. dont wait until the last hours, the site often goes down at night… so you might completely miss out if it does that tonight.


Nice to see there is a child downvoting anyone that won a tablet – make me feel better about winning two.


So being a braggart and insulting those who had no success at all, who have the sheer temerity to be honest about how they feel about others who publicly gloat on winning multiple times, is to be considered ‘good nettiquite’? Interesting.


Nobody here was insulting those who were unlucky, or insulting those who said they were choked about not winning. In fact I tended to help out those who weren’t doing well with tips, advice, etc. even when it ended up hurting my win rate.

Bad netiquette is downvoting people for no good reason (as whoever the child was that systematically went through those who said they had won, downvoting each) – oh, and not reading what was actually written, that’s bad netiquette too.

Jealousy is a yellow beast.

Richard Cikursch

I was a bit luckier than some,I won 2 tablets and about $200 play credit.

Darren Ferguson

How in the hell……how many kitkats did you buy and did you enter codes at random of have some magic formula you came up with?


I’m awaiting the delivery of my N7s, and have enough credit to buy anything I want (till it expires).

Maybe Ausdroid could ask KitKat if they plan to run another similar competition for the Nexus 5 or Nexus 10 Mk2 – because I loved this one !


I didn’t have much luck either! Although if you read Whirlpool, there were PLENTY of winners.


Thanks ausdroid! I got about 25 odd dollars but no tablets :(. Oh well better than nothing!