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Google Play is encouraging Android users to get into the Christmas spirit with a range of discounted, specially curated content for the festive season.

There’s a heap of Christmassy movies starting from $3.99, including Elf, Mr Bean’s Holiday, and the classic Tim Allen flick, The Santa Clause. Of course, it’s not just these three movies, there’s a whole list of them here that you might like to check out for the family this Christmas season.

There’s more than movies, too, with a selection of Christmas albums on sale from $5.99, and a range of Christmas and seasonal books on special, ranging from free to a few dollars. There’s plenty of good reads on this list to fill in the quiet times over the coming weeks.

Last, but not least, if you’re looking for some app-powered goodness to help you survive Christmas, there’s a list of recommended apps, including many free ones, available to browse through as well.

Our pick of these specials has to be the movies though, there’s some great titles there for not much coin, which you can easily load up on the tablet to make the traditional Christmas road trip that little more enjoyable for those in the back.

Source: Google Play.
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    The only thing missing from this Google Play Christmas Sale, is a list of individual tracks of Christmas songs available to buy on Goohle Play Music.