Nexus 7 White
If a Panda Nexus 7 is on your wish list this Christmas, then you’re one step closer to realising your dream, a White version of the hugely popular tablet has just gone on-sale in Google Play in the US.

Featuring the familiar ‘White’ design of all Nexus devices released by Google so far – white back with black front – the Nexus 7 is available in 32GB variant with Wi-Fi(sorry no LTE). The price has remained the same but availability is lacking, at least for us here in Australia. Android Central reports that the tablet will soon be available in the UK and Japan as well but no mention of Australia as yet unfortunately. A look at the URL for the White Nexus 7(2013), shows the disappointing message :

‘Nexus 7(32GB White) is not available in your country)’

We can only hope that this will change down the track and we will be asking Google Australia about the possible addition to the Australian Google Play store and advise when we get an update.

Source: Google Play.
Via: Android Central.