Motorola’s latest device, the Moto G, is on sale at MobiCity with the 8GB version of the popular device now available for $249.95, which is a $50 saving from the original price.

Of course, this price is also cheaper than the $279 price tag that Telechoice are offering for the same device, representing a $30 saving there as well.

Geoff has also recently given his first impressions of the device which you read about right here.

If you are interested in this new sale price for the Moto G, hit the link below in the source field to find out more.

Source: MobiCity.
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Unenticing specs with an unenticing price tag. Definitely not for me.


It’s £99 in the UK, from Tesco + a pound or two to unlock it. That means $180. So if you have a friend in the UK you can already get it for much, much less.


Just looked at the MobiCity website.
Among the promo pics for the 8Gb Moto G, they have a pic of a white Moto G, but only have the device available in black.

The 16Gb Moto G is still showing a price tag of $339.95, but it has a stock status of ‘out of stock’, and has the same promo pics of the Moto G, but is also only able to be ordered in black.

edit: fix price tag typo

Alex D

Jeniskunk, the article was for the 8GB version only as clearly stated and the price tag amount is correct. This was based on the link within the source field


Alex, the point of my reply was the unavailability of the white version of the Moto G, in either storage capacity variant.

Ty Crane

No the point of your reply was to troll. Stop being fat


Rude Ty but yes she is a troll.

Sean Royce

Fuck off ty