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Boost have announced via their Facebook page, that they will be cutting their data allowance by 1GB on their $40 ULTD recharge effective 18 February 2014.

The post, tipped to us by Brad Hook, was posted up by the company yesterday at 3:30pm already has about 282 comments, most of them negative with customers stating their frustration and in most cases, stating they will be porting to other service providers.

Here is the post from the company yesterday:

Boost Facebook data change post

The company is stating that within the post that most people are not using the full 3GB of data which is why they are cutting the data allowance.

Personally this seems to be a trend which is happening to Telstra MVNO providers/companies, with ALDI Mobile also doing the same late last year. This could be a further push for Telstra trying to squeeze MVNO providers and forcing customers either onto their own pre-paid service or other telco’s services.

What ever the matter, as a Boost customer, I am not happy with this change and will be looking to other telco companies for a better deal.

Thanks to Brad for tipping us on this matter.

Are you a boost mobile customer? Are you upset or considering changing telcos because of this decision? We would like to hear your thoughts in the comments below

Source: Boost Facebook.
Via: Boost.
Thanks: Brad Hook.
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stephen taylor

Boost isn’t a telco so good luck actually moving to another telco as you would have to leave Telstra for something inferior. Its silly to expect 3 gigs included data on Telstra via a reseller when Telstra direct customers get a gig for $60….


To everyone thinking Boost is just an MVNO, lodged a complaint with Boost regarding the conduct of their rep on Facebook. It was a TELSTRA manager callled me to follow up. Boost in a not just a reseller of Telstra or a private company as they claim.


Oh Telstra doing its finest work. Cutting data back as ‘customers’ don’t use it. I’m pretty sure we have head that before from Telstra when they cut back the post paid plan data!

Steven Newitt

Porting to Yatango they have a pretty good offer on data 3gb for 36.

Usman Yousaf

I was really happy with ALDI. They changed their data & limited calls. As a result, I switch to Boost. Its been 2 months and now they are going to cut the data off.
In both two months, my data was finished 3 days prior the day of recharge of month. What is the best option for us then….not interested in Amaysim at all.


Bought the Xperia E on a boost deal months ago, although I hate the phone, the service has been fine. I’ve only ever bought a $40 top up once and when I didn’t use all my data I realized it wasn’t necessary so I just get the $10 deal for 5 days, unless I really need it, then it suits me.

If Boost can get the Moto G in under $200 then they might win a lot more customers regardless of the changes in plans. Could be a trick up their sleeve.


Surely they have been forced into this by Telstra so not really their fault.


Boost is part of Telstra now!


Data isn’t free, data isn’t cheap. The market’s sense of value was distorted by bottom-of-the-barrel MVNO players who offered commercially unsustainable tariffs and twisted everybody’s expectations as a result.

This is simply the market correcting for this and making the right, financially sound choices to remain commercially viable. After all – just look at ispONE. What good is cheap data if the company folds after 12 months leaving you with no service?


12 months of great valued service I guess?


And an absolute shitfight for the entire industry when the company folded. Customers were left with 30 days to move their number or lose it, the MNP system was flooded causing delays across the entire industry, and people had to put up with punitive daily limits on a lifeline thrown by Telstra until the issue came to a close.

Yep – sounds like they really /valued/ your service.


3GB of data is the absolute minimum, what is the point of a4G service with less?
All mobile services are overpriced.


Boost is not a MVNO in the true sense, it’s a rebranding of Telstra. They even share the same office AFAIK. Clearly boost is eating in to Telstra’s more profitable market and Brad will be doing excatly what Telstra hope Boost customers do.


And before that, here in Australia, you’d have called it ‘a rebranding of Optus’.
Boost is just another MVNO, one that had to switch telcos to survive.

Brad Hook

Boost to Telstra is what Virgin is to Optus, the ‘top tier’ MVNO. They differ a little to the more independent guys.

Justin Flynn

except with virgin you have access to optus’ premium network with 4g. Boost is more akin to amaysim as far as it’s relationship to their mother telcos. They are just wholesaling their hugely unused 3g networks


Amaysim is capped access to Optus at 7mb I believe. I’ve got 25mb down on Boost


how do you mean here in Australia? Where else are we talking about?


Yep another stupid Jeni comment. Sick of it. She probably does not have a boost service but feels the need to comment on everything.


Will, Wikipedia on Boost Mobile. Boost Mobile started here as an MVNO on Optus in 2000. They set up in NZ on Telecom NZ there in the same year. Boost Mobile NZ was discontinued in 2007. They started in the US on the west coast as a joint venture with Nextel in 2001. Nextel bought out all rights to the brand in the US in 2003. In 2004, Nextel began expanding the Boost brand to cover more of the US. Due to Nextel being bought out by Sprint in 2006, Boost in the US has been an MVNO on Sprint… Read more ยป


Thank you for copying and pasting and adding your amazing input.


I was actually thinking of switching from Aldi to Boost, but with the cut in data I definitely won’t be. Such a shame since it did seem like a good deal.


$40/month … 2GB data on Telstra 3G plus unlimited calls/sms inside Aus … probably still represents the best pre-paid deal in Aus (IMO). Sucks, but hey … when Telstra are calling the shots you’ll always get screwed at some point ๐Ÿ˜‰

Brad Hook

No worries guys.

I think I’ll be moving onto Telstra’s $50 pre-paid Cap Encore option, and buying a $49 3GB data pack with the credit. Although it is $10 more than what I am currently paying, Telstra Pre-Paid is 4G – unlike Boost, and I’ll now get a total of 3.8GB of data which I think easily justifies the $10 jump. A shame, because I was 100% happy with Boost prior to this announcement.

Alex D

Brad I hear you and I have vented my disappointment on their Facebook post to only be greeted with JamesO’s sarcastic remarks (which isn’t good if you ask me when trying to sell this downgrade to customers)


I’ve reported him to customer care who’ve escalated my case. His responces are disgusting.


Are you sure you can purchase the add on from your credit?

Brad Hook

100% certain. It’s documented on Whirlpool, and I personally know someone who uses this offer.