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Moto G Announcement
Google has this morning announced that they will begin selling the Motorola Moto G in a ‘Google Play Edition’ through the US Google Play Store.

The Moto G will be available to purchase in the US for $179 for the 8GB version or $199 for the 16GB version. The device will ship in 1-2 days and from the description is an unlocked GSM version supporting HSPA+ up to 21 Mbps on the 850, 900, 1900 and 2100 MHz bands, making it compatible with the 3G networks of all Australian carriers, although it will require the use of a shipping forwarder to get it to Australia.

For those that don’t wish to wait, the Moto G will go on-sale here in Australia this week at Telechoice stores on their $40 plan or outright for $279, although we expect more retailers will be coming on-board once Motorola makes an official announcement of the device.

The addition of a Google Play Edition of the Moto G is a bit confusing, in that the Moto G is almost stock Android anyway, but it’s an option and it seems Google is certainly fleshing out their hardware offerings through Google Play, which I’m sure most Australian Android fans would love to purchase a device through.

Source: Google Play 16GBGoogle Play 8GB.
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Jonathon Neaves

I was Juuuuuust about to leave a tip that the moto G was in play store Australia until I saw this and then I remembered I had an American vpn (*cough*ne’flix*cough*) so that’s debunked. It is interesting to note, however, that with vpn the default phone for nexus 5 is white 32GB whereas without vpn it’s black 16GB … hmmm… aussies are cheap-asses? 😛 lol I know I am.. still saving up for my nexus 5 >_> One day… I won’t get hit with another unexpected cost. >_>


Come on Google bring these Google Play Editions devices to australia


a) What does GPE matter with this? Seems like a step backwards.
b) US only. Screw it.

Daniel Tyson

A) Not 100% certain myself
B) With the imminent release of the Moto G here in Australia, the GPE ROM will be available to flash to the standard Moto G as has been the case with the GPE ROM for the Galaxy S4/HTC One etc.


Another GPE device that is a US only release. 🙁
I wonder if there will ever be a GPE device that is NOT a US only release.