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While the US has seen the addition of the Google Play Edition of the Motorola Moto G, Australia it seems hasn’t been forgotten with Google adding two new accessories for existing Nexus devices to the Google Play store – the Nexus Wireless Charger and a Red variant of the Nexus 7 Sleeve.

Nexus Wireless Charger Australia

The Nexus Wireless Charger is the first Qi compatible charger that Google has offered in Australia, notably omitting Australian Nexus owners from purchasing the Nexus Wireless Charging Orb that went on-sale belatedly last year with the Nexus 4. The new Nexus Wireless Charger is available for $54.95 with an additional $10.95 shipping charge which promises delivery in 2-7 business days. The Charger is set to ship within 1-2 Business days and is compatible with the Nexus 4, Nexus 5 and Nexus 7(2013).

Nexus 7 Sleeve Red

The other accessory is a red variant of the Nexus 7(2013) neoprene sleeve. The sleeve features a soft faux-fur interior which is quite nice and easy on the Nexus 7 and is available at the same price of $34.95 but offers a choice of delivery with ‘Saver(6-8 business days)’ for $4.50 or ‘International Priority(2-7 days)’ for $10.95 and ships within 1-2 Business days.

The Nexus charger is slightly more expensive than other Qi compatible chargers on the market, however this one does contain magnets which help to position your Phone or Tablet. If you’re in the market for a new Nexus 7 case or Wireless charger, head on over to Google Play and check them out.

Source: Nexus Wireless ChargerNexus 7 Sleeve(Red).
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At long last! Thanks for the heads-up because I’d given up checking. Ordered now. I hope this is a sign of more things to come with better support in the Australian Play Store. All we need now is the other Google Edition devices.


I do beleive google has gone color blind. That is clearly Orange.


Uh no it isnt. At all.


A bit late on these accessories – no way would I consider buying them now the device is so damn old!

Alexei Watson

Just last week i put money down on the indiegogo ‘the air dock’ campaign with a friend. It cost me less. Sure it’s still 3 months or so away, but it looks more versatile than this.


$66 to get a charger for a $400 phone? GGF google


Am I right that GGF stands for “Go get… Lost”?

Joshua Wenham

… A charger you only need to purchase once for all your future devices