Nexus 10 leak

Update: It looks as if this render might be a hoax. Evan is now reporting that he’s aware the same render was sent to a number of publications, with different corroborating evidence, which he believes (and we’d tend to agree) is the sign of a not-too-elaborate hoax. Sorry folks. Nexus 10 update goes back to the rumour pile.

We’ve seen some pretty terrible ‘leaks/renders’ over the last couple of months of supposed successors to the now 14 month old Nexus 10, but this morning we have seen a pretty credible leak from noted internet leaker @evleaks.

While Evan Blass, the man behind EVLeaks, notes on the tweet that this cannot be verified, it marries up with the admission by Sundar Pichai, head of Android and Chrome at Google back in August that Samsung would be making the follow-up to the Nexus 10. The specs are nothing to sneeze at either, offering a Samsung Exynos 5 SoC, 10″ WQXGA (1600×2560) resolution screen, 3GB RAM and again offering the tablet with 16 and 32GB storage options, The tablet will also supposedly offer a 5MP Rear camera with a 3MP camera on the front.

We also see a time of 4:50 on the render, which indicates that Google may be intending to release the tablet as a reference device for the next point release of Android, a Kit Kat v2 if you will.

With the release of any purported render of a new Nexus device, we do of course need to look at the details and this one so far is looking pretty good. The wallpaper in particular marries up with the style of recent Nexus device wallpapers, with a 10 embedded into the design. The other contributing factor would be the Android 4.4 style transparent notification area with white icons.

Hardware wise, the style of the tablet shows off what seems to be a white back, although that could possibly just be the render, but a white variant would be a nice option for some customers. The front facing speakers which made for a brilliant sound experience when watching media on the original Nexus 10 look set to make a return as well.

But, it’s not all 100%, there are some things a little off in the render though – the absence of any App icons on the screen, which existing renders have and the angle of the ‘leaked’ render when compared to the existing Nexus 10 render that is available on the Google Play store :
Nexus 10 comparison

The Nexus 10, whilst still going strong, could do with an update and if this is indeed a replacement, it looks like a nice device and the specs are pretty decent as well. We’ll hopefully see something about the launch of a Nexus 10 soon but nothing is guaranteed.

What do you think? Legit leak or another render in the line of fakes?

Source: EVLeaks.
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Is a fake. Pretty bad render, but the killer is that the background is actually a blown up section of a standard wallpaper found on Nexus 5.

Google Nexus devices always (have always) come with NEW geometric wallpaper styling ! Not blow ups of existing ones….


I’m glads it’s a fake. That render looks ugly!