This picture has just shown up on the Twitter feed of Russian site The photo shows off a phone which appears to confirm a number of rumours that have been circulating about the next HTC flagship – similar design and dual cameras.

The photo shows off a dual lens setup on the rear of the phone – note no fingerprint scanner – with a dual LED Flash on the left of what appears to be the main lens. There’s a secondary lens mounted right at the top of the phone, but what this dual mounted lens setup is actually going to achieve is anyones guess.

The first thought is that HTC has decided to revive the EVO 3D from back in 2011, but more likely is that the setup is more aimed at creating a re-focus or Lytro like effect in software that will allow for changes to the photo once the image has been captured.

What quality the pictures will be is anyone’s guess, but a consistent rumour has persisted around the upcoming flagship phone, which has been that HTC intends to continue with the Ultra-Pixel camera that they introduced last year on the HTC One. The one change expected is that the Megapixel resolution output of the camera will be larger, with most owners of the HTC One disappointed in the 4MP output which can’t generally be zoomed in.

Finally, the design of the HTC M8 appears to be pretty much that of the HTC One, with what appears to be a similar aluminium unibody design.

With a rumoured March launch of the HTC M8, it won’t be too long before we see what HTC will have to offer this year, and what hardware they intend to power their new flagship.

Any theories on what software features will be included in the HTC M8 to make use of the dual cameras?

Source: Twitter.
Via: GSMArena.
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Looks good to me.

Dual LED flash looks interesting, and hopefully this dual camera lens thing makes great pictures.


Htc have already said its not true…


I have been using HTC since the Dream…and it has never failed to amaze me with flagship phones…However, if this is the design of it’s next model…I doubt I’ll be able continue…despite the software…But, let’s see…


Dual looks ugly…


Are we all sure it’s a camera at the top?

Hmm…what’s the camera at the top for?