HTC Desire 8
HTC has recently been re-focusing on their low-mid range phones in the Desire line, releasing quite a number of different devices to compliment their higher end HTC One line. A leaked new device appearing on Chinese site possibly shows a new phone in the Desire line – named the Desire 8 – which could bridge the gap between the two lines.

The device is apparently fairly large, with a 5.5″ screen packed into a plastic body that will be available in a range of colours – red, yellow, orange, blue and green, similar colours to those seen recently in a leak about a lower end HTC Desire.

While the phone may sport dual front-facing speakers, like the HTC One, it most likely won’t have Boomsound that is found on the higher end line, but anything is possible. The Desire 8 will also use a standard 13MP Rear Camera – no Ultra-Pixels here – and a front facing 5MP camera. The phone also seems to mirror the HTC M8 leaks we’ve been seeing with no capacative buttons below the screen – but also no sign of the soft buttons that have been showing up on the M8 – which seems to render this black plastic bar, seemingly useless except as a place to put the HTC Logo.

Engadget has translated the screenshot as mentioning the 18th of March, Beijing – possibly a teaser for a launch date. The Beijing launch could be an indicator that the phone will only be released in that region, but with the slow sales that HTC has been seeing over the last year or so, offering their phones to as many markets as possible would be the smarter option if logistics aren’t an issue.

Would a large screened plastic device with a choice of colours be something you’d consider?

Source: MyDrivers.
Via: Engadget.
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mike james

M8 leaks starting to look more legit now seeing the size of the bezel on this


Typical HTC, looks great, I just hope they’re not gonna start having giant bezels for logos