Vodafone has announced today that it will flick the switch on international 4G roaming agreements that will allow Vodafone customers to access high-speed networks in New Zealand, the UK and across Europe from the middle of 2014. This news comes on the heels of Vodafone’s $5-a-day Red roaming plans which already give customers access to 3G networks across the globe — in more than 40 countries — for just $5 a day.

Vodafone’s large international presence no doubt allows them to pioneer deals like this, and they appear to be pretty proud of it. Benoit Hanssen, Vodafone’s Chief Technology Officer, has spruiked this as the latest instalment of Vodafone’s ever improving customer service experience.

Vodafone Australia is in an enviable position with the largest global network at its fingertips and therefore at the fingertips of its customers.

Travellers, whether on holiday or business, will be able to take their plan overseas for only $5 a day and enjoy the benefits of super-fast 4G. Whether updating Facebook or checking work emails, 4G roaming is easy to use and typically less expensive than many hotel wi-fi connections.

We have spent billions building a new 3G and 4G network and this latest news shows we have no intention of slowing down.

Precisely which European countries are included in the roaming deal are yet to be named, but with Vodafone’s parent company in the UK Vodafone Global making its own announcements about roaming deals, there’s a good chance that roaming will feature across Greece, Italy, Portugal, Romania and Spain, with further expansion coming into Germany, Netherlands, and even outside Europe into South Africa.

Outside Vodafone-owned networks, there’s even talk of roaming with partners in Austria, Belgium, France, Japan, Singapore, South Korea and Switzerland.

If international travel and 4G roaming are important to you, it might be an idea to check out whether Vodafone’s offerings could meet your needs. This certainly sounds good, and while other carriers no doubt have 4G roaming agreements in place or in the pipeline, they haven’t been making much noise about them yet.

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How much does Vodafone pay for these clearly advertising stories ?