Distributed computing projects are nothing new, but so far none have leveraged the ubiquity of the modern smartphone. During their press conference at MWC this morning, HTC announced the ‘Power to Give’ programme, which will initially target unused CPU cycles on the latest HTC phones, but will eventually expand to all Android devices.

Distributed computing projects involve breaking large calculations or analytical processes down into small pieces, which are each performed on separate devices, reducing the need to rely on expensive supercomputers. Participants will download some software to their computer, which when not in active use, starts crunching away at these calculations. Developed in partnership with the University of California in Berkeley, Power to Change is an application available on the Play Store, which will run when your phone is idle, charging and connected to WiFi. You can see how it works in the video below.

HTC say that just one million HTC Ones will generate one PetaFLOP of computing power – equivalent to one supercomputer – and the power leveraged through Power to Give will greatly reduce the time taken to perform complex calculations necessary for large-scale humanitarian or scientific research projects. The projects available currently are ‘Computing for Clean Water’, ‘Help Fight Cancer’, ‘Say No to Schistosoma’, and ‘Nutritious Rice for the World’.

With an estimated 780 million Android smartphones being sold last year, if even 10% of us join the project, we can really make a difference. Good work, HTC.

You can download the Power to Give application from the Play Store now.

HTC Power To Give
HTC Power To Give
Developer: HTC Corporation
Price: Free
Source: HTC.
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Joshua Hill

Only works if charging and battery > 90%. Makes way more sense to run distributed computing programs on desktop PC’s for me.


Alot more running phones than PCs nowadays. Sitting there overnight recharging.

Joshua Hill

Just like Toyota cycles their Li ion batteries between 20 – 80 % in their hybrid cars for longevity I do the same with my phone. Keeping it on charge overnight is not a good idea IMO.


I can’t download the app – says “This app is incompatible with all of your devices.”. Anyone managed to download?


HTC, want to get some good PR for when people make their next purchase? Let us non-HTC people use the app.


Never did find those extraterrestrials…


Kinda like what Samsung are doing as well with their Power Sleep app. Good to see