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Despite not officially launching until the 19th of March, the Oppo Find 7 has leaked today thanks to the design site Red Dot Design who are showing off products on their design site. The phone which has been teased by Oppo themselves on their social media channels fairly regularly is said to contain some pretty high end specifications including a QHD(2560×1440) screen and possibly a 50MP camera.

The render and description, have since been removed but as you can see from the cached version of the source link – nothing on the internet can ever truly removed.

At least one of the renders shows off an interesting design cue, which is reminiscent of the Illuminated notification bar from a variety of Xperia phones such as the Xperia S, J, U, L, SP – that Sony released a couple of years ago. The idea of the a notification light is backed up by the description on Red Dot, which states :

A crescent-shaped breath light is equipped at the bottom of the screen, which will flash and flicker in cool blue when there are missed calls or new text messages. In addition to the convenience it brings to the users, this design makes the front side of the phone no longer mediocre.

The render shows off the screen which has been confirmed by Oppo to be a 5.5″ QHD(2560×1440) resolution display with a pixel dense 538PPI screen, although rumours are circulating that the phone will actually offer customers the option to get the Find 7 with a lower resolution – and possibly more battery friendly – 1920×1080 FullHD screen instead.

Other than that the phone may come with an amazingly high MP camera, with a photo tagged as being taken by the Find 7 appearing on Chinese social media site Weibo with an amazing 8160 x 6120 resolution.
Oppo Find 7 Camera Sample
At 9.7mb the original photo is anything but lightweight but could possibly be a RAW image from the phone that could be processed down to a more manageable and storage friendly size. But the description on Red Dot also refutes the 50MP claim with the specs description stating that the phone will come with

5.5 inch 2560*1440 HD screen and 13 megapixel camera, and meanwhile supports TD-LTE 4G network

Whatever resolution the camera ends up being, it will also be paired with a feature that Oppo call the ‘Touch On lens’.

We’ll know more about the phone on the 19th of March, and should see the Find 7 made available through the usual Oppo online retailers – OppoStyle and Mobicity – with pricing and release dates to be made known at or soon after the event.

What do you think of the Oppo Find 7 so far?

Source: Red Dot.
Via: Engadget.
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Could the “Touch on Lens” feature of the camera be a MEMS post capture re-focusing module from Digital Optics? Digital Optics announced in October of last year that OPPO would be their first customer of this technology.
I think that there was an Ausdroid article on this a while ago that also had a video of MEMS in action.