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With the Samsung Galaxy S5 announcement now completed and the All New HTC One just about leaked in its entirety, focus is shifting towards other flagship phones coming down the pipe, and after the last couple of years we are more and more interested in what’s coming from the ‘other’ South Korean electronics manufacturer – LG. A User Agent Profile for the LG D850.

The progression of model #’s for L’s flagship G series has progressed from the LG D802/803 for the LG G2, D820/821 for the Nexus 5. The progression points to the LG using the model number D850 for the LG G3 as shown in this User Agent Profile shown by EvLeaks. who also speculates that the D850 could be for the G3.

The most exciting thing for this phone is obviously the 2560×1440 resolution QHD screen. Early on in the piece, the Galaxy S5 was rumoured to carry the QHD screen but was launched with a more battery friendly FullHD screen. Whether LG’s famous highly advanced battery technology group, LG Chem, can produce something that will support what’s sure to be a battery hungry screen with QHD resoultion is another question.

The G3 is rumoured to launch as early as May to bring the LG flagship schedule more in line with HTC and Samsung. We’ll have to wait and see what will come and if the rumours are true, that’s not too far away.

Do you actually need a QHD resolution screen on your phone?

Source: EvLeaks.
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Joshua Hill

For those questioning whether we can notice the difference here is an excellent article that details how we can actually differentiate even higher resolutions than this.


Joshua Hill

Been trying to get the anandtech link for those interested but you know how links in comments forums go.

Just Google ‘pixel density race’ and it should be the first search result.


What’s the point in having a QHD screen?


Excellent question Jeni, just drains your battery super fast when you don’t need it. Packing things in for the marketing value is not what it used to be, mind you there will always be people out there who are fixated on that.


All I could see, when I asked the question was that QHD on this device was merely being used as a marketing point.
When the first 720p devices hit the streets, there was content to natively run on them, and there was the unspoken knowledge that the 720p screens were an interim stepping stone to full HD 1080p.
When the 1080p devices hit the streets, content was again plentiful.
But as vijay noted, where is the QHD content.
Also, there’s no indication that these QHD screens are being launched as a stepping stone toward the next major content resolution, 4K.

Joshua Hill

Was that meant to be a response to me instead Jeni? If so your initial question should have been more specifically stated. That would have saved me wasting my time trying to add something useful to a discussion based on a very open question. To all those talking about content. Perhaps I’m in the minority but I use my smartphone for a number of things, way down on that list is video consumption. Why would I want to watch HD content on a 4 – 5″ screen. I feel talking about the available QHD video content is completely irrelevant to… Read more »

Joshua Hill

Some people have eyesight that can differentiate the difference. Anandtech did a good article about a week ago that explained how on some very specific cases the human eye can differentiate up to about 4000 x 2000 res.

vijay alapati

Not sure if we can have enough QHD content available for streaming and apps that support it like YouTube app only support 720p…. Till then sorry


Pointless res really… It’s a phone.. 1080p is more than what will ever be needed.. Battery life is what everyone wants or forgot that they used to get.


Unless there is better power efficiency…there is no point, not for a phone. A tablet maybe…but phone or even phablet size…qhd is pointless