An update to Google Search began rolling out today, version 3.3.1064617 for those playing at home, and while not a massive change in terms of features, the update brings about fixes that will help those OCD Australian NRL and Cricket Fans who use the brand new Google Now cards and notifications to relax.

The ‘boring’ stuff included in the update includes a more comprehensive view of stocks which offer a greater amount of detail. There’s a new section for hotword detection whcih allows you to turn it on and off as well as disable it for those of you running the Google Now Launcher. There’s also some improvements when performing image searches.

Now, the good stuff. When Google rolled out Google Now cards for Rugby League/Union there was much rejoicing, but there was some consternation when they finally began showing. While notifications worked there was a niggle in that the notification displayed a baseball as the icon sitting next to the notification:
After todays update, that’s now changed and we can see a more familiar ball sitting next to our notification :

But that’s not all. When Google rolled out their last Search update and included Cricket scores, they failed to include a complimentary Icon for Cricket when selecting your teams. This too has now been rectified :


And for those who have yet to see the Cricket card in all its glory, there’s a new notification – complete with icon – that will popup with the score as it refreshes.
Cricket Notification

The update to Google Search is rolling out now, and as usual it’s a staggered update. If you really can’t wait to jump on-board to see the new notification and selection icons you can head over to AndroidPolice who have the APK ready and waiting to download.

Via: AndroidPolice.
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    Has anyone got it working? I added Australia Cricket back when the original feature was added, but I’ve never seen a card appear. Already been one match, one washout, and another match in 6 hours, but nary a peep in G Now?

    If I actually search “Australia vs South africa” or “Australia Cricket” I get a nice card with fixtures and results, but no Google Now pre-emptive goodness.


    AFL, Google? Come on guys!


    Still no Wallabies, or All Blacks (my housemate cares about them, I don’t.) C’mon google.

    Phillip Molly Malone

    Can tell Google office in Sydney! Biggest game in the country, AFL, still absent! You guys have any inside info on the reason?