If you’re champing at the bit to get access to a Galaxy S5 to try out all the new features and Apps, then perhaps you won’t actually have to wait till the April launch. XDA-Developers member Albe95 has posted a thread over on the forum which contains links to the APKs for a whole host of the apps that will be included on the S5 when it launches.

There are some issues with the Apps – the S Health App apparently doesn’t work – but apparently most of the others work with no issues. He’s put the APKs for S Note, Watch ON, S5 Calculator, Gear Fit Manager, Galaxy Gear Manager, S Health and S Translator up on the thread.

Before you get excited, the majority of users in the thread appear to be Samsung Galaxy phone owners – Note 3, S4 etc – so they have the correct libraries for the Apps to work. The Calculator App does require Root to replace the APK and also change some permissions before it will work. He also notes that the WatchOn App is a little laggy but works. It also seems the Gear App doesn’t work, but not confirmed.

The thread is still going on and they expect more Apps to leak once a system dump of the Galaxy S5 is found and picked through. If you have a Samsung Galaxy device and want some updates check it out, but as usual, this is all at your own risk, see what you think.

Source: XDA-Developers.
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