I’m almost ashamed to say that I lost many hours of my life to the endlessly frustrating, yet painfully addictive, Cut the Rope. Unfortunately for me, there’s a new version out and you’ll find it just as addictive getting the candy to Om Nom as you might have the first time around. Full disclosure to readers here, while the app is free to install there are in-app purchases and I’ll be surprised if you can get 15 minutes into the game without being prompted to buy something. The game links to Facebook if you’re that way inclined, or Google Play Games which is a much more friendly option for me.

All of that being said… It’s still a fun game which I’m enjoying greatly.

If you’re game (see what I did there?) head over to the Play Store and lose a chunk of your life to Cut the Rope 2.

Cut the Rope 2
Cut the Rope 2
Developer: ZeptoLab
Price: Free

How many hours of your life did you lose to Cut the Rope?

Source: Google Play Store.