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Earlier this month, we saw Samsung announce the Chromebook 2, a rather nice-looking Exynos-based system available in 11.6 and 13.3-inch variants. The catch? The launch was for the US market, and it’s still not actually available there yet.

Today we’ve seen a detailed product page for the Chromebook 2 added to Samsung’s Canadian website, so we’re expecting it’ll make its way there soon, although the dealer locator seems to indicate that there aren’t any stores currently stocking the device.

A closer look

Now that there’s a full product listing, we’ve been able to glean some additional information from the page.

We now know that the Chromebook 2 will feature 802.11ac Wifi connectivity, but this feature won’t be available at launch (it’ll require a software update). Samsung says that the laptop’s Wifi will be three times faster after the software update, but you’ll need to have a router that supports this new Wifi standard to see the benefits.

There’ll also be a Bluetooth radio, most likely to connect wireless input devices but it remains to be seen which Bluetooth standard and features it’ll support.

Another comparatively minor change is a small weight gain for the 11.6-inch model. Samsung originally stated it would weigh 2.43 pounds, but the product page clearly states 2.65.


There still is no official word on when the Chromebook 2 will be coming to Australia. We’ll be keeping an eye on Google’s own Chromebooks page as well as Samsung’s Australian Chromebook product list, which still only shows the older Series 3 model.

Are you in the market for a new Chromebook? Does the Chromebook 2 tickle your fancy? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Samsung CanadaGigaom.
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