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Australian bargain site Catch of the Day is having another “Technothon” sale. The sale began today and ends tomorrow morning (Saturday 19th April) at 11am AEST which includes a number of Android devices.


Catch of the Day is offering two phones for sale as well as a tablet, first up is Sony’s 2013 flagship, the Xperia Z, which is available in purple and white for $419.95 + shipping – a decent discount given the age of the device (it’s a little over a year old and it’s due for an update to KitKat).
» Xperia Z review
» Buy: purple

Next up, is the Xperia Z Ultra. This phone was Sony’s entry into the larger screened ‘phablet’ market. Offering similar specs to Sony’s Xperia Z1 with a less featured-packed camera, fronted by a huge 6.4 inch screen, it’s going for $569.95 + shipping and is available in black or white.
» Xperia Z Ultra review
» Buy: white, black

If you’re after a tablet, the Xperia Tablet Z is a 10.1″ tablet which is still technically their current flagship tablet, given that their Xperia Z2 Tablet has yet to go on-sale here. It’s the 16GB WiFi model and is going for $469.00 + shipping.
» Xperia Tablet Z review.
» Buy: click here


For Samsung, Catch of the Day is focusing on Samsung’s camera offerings with both the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom and Galaxy Camera on offer. The Galaxy S4 Zoom is being sold for $379.95 + Shipping.
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The Samsung Galaxy Camera was Samsung first attempt to fuse both Android and Photography into a compact camera form factor. The Galaxy Camera includes both WiFi and 3G connectivity, paired with a decent resolution camera sensor and zoom lens. The Galaxy Camera is available for $299 + Shipping.
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The HTC One Mini is the small scale version of last years HTC One, with a few key spec differences. The design is still there, but there’s a bit lacking in the hardware department. The HTC One Mini is being offered for $349.95 + Shipping and has an ‘Almost Gone’ status.
» HTC One Mini Review
» Buy: Click here

Remember, Catch of the Day is a first-come-first-served model, and there are no guarantees any of these items will be left in stock by tomorrow (or by the time you read this). If you’re interested head on over and check out the bargains.

Did you find any other bargains in COTD’s Technothon sale? Let other readers know in the comments!

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Joshua Hill

That Sony pricing is nothing new. Other retailers have had them for even cheaper for the last month or so.


Clear-outs of last year’s models at fool refail price.
Definitely not a good catch.


Does anything make you happy ? Lol


I echo Jeni’s thoughts on this one…these aren’t “bargains” that COTD is offering.

Much of COTD’s business seems to be based on this method of making mediocre-at-best deals sound like awesome ones and trying to get the users’ impulse get the better of them with the “ends soon!!!” tags all over the site.

It’s not that hard to find products lower than RRP in Australia…and as I mentioned, none of these devices are THAT much more expensive to buy within AU, from B&M stores.


You can get Aussie stock Xperia Zs for $429 from MSY. The Z Ultra is harder but Sony Centre stores cleared them off for $399 a couple of weeks back.

Same for others…the prices aren’t anything to make you reach for your wallet straight up.