Motorola is apparently set to launch a new smartphone in just under two weeks, sending out press invites to an event scheduled in London on May 13.

The invite, which announces the new phone will be ‘Made to Last, Priced for All’ also mentions that it will be aimed at connecting more people. So this new phone launch could be a super cheap phone.


Motorola has since the Moto G, expressed an interest in the lower end of the smartphone market, leaving the other manufacturers to fight it out over the higher end. This seems to have been working somewhat with Motorola recently announcing via Twitter that they had sold 6.5 Million smartphones last quarter.

The most likely candidate for the launch is a phone currently being called the ‘Moto E’. Initial specs appear to be for a phone running a 1.2GHz Dual-Core CPU with 1GB RAM, 4GB of storage and a microSD card reader, It will also contain a 5MP camera and run Android 4.4.

Motorola has done quite well with their budget offerings, the Moto G was quite impressive. The Moto E could be Motorola’s cheapest phone yet, although how close it will get to ex-ceo’s Dennis Woodsides prediction of a US$50 phone is yet to be determined.

We’ll certainly be watching the event if it’s streamed, stay tuned and we’ll see what Motorola has to offer.

Source: TheVerge.
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It’s a good idea. I was surprised when I bought my partner a Moto G recently and said “it only cost $240!”, and she said “wow, that seems like a lot to me”. I realised I’d just been tamed into thinking anything less than $500 was a bargain.


If that Moto E is rootable, has a 720p screen, and is launched globally, then my old LG Optimus One will have reason to be nervous.


The globally thing would be great to see, this would be good to buy for my mother, naturally rootable isn’t an issue for her at least. If there is a delay with this releasing here then depending on a nexus 6 release I might give mum my nexus 4 instead.