With each update, Google are making Glass a more and more attractive prospect to average (ie. non-developer) users. The next updates that are coming out are offering some of the most requested features to the wearable technology. The first being options on when to upload your camera shots to the cloud. As you would expect with a connected technology device, Google Glass tethers to your phone and will use data as it needs to in order to complete its tasks. This may include uploading photos after they’ve been taken which burns through precious, and at times, rather expensive mobile data.

The new default setting is that Glass will backup when plugged in and on wifi, if you for some reason specifically want pictures to upload instantly you can swipe to the auto backup card in settings and tap to start a backup. Smart setup with an override that some, although I suspect not too many, users will want.

Following on from this, the storage on Google Glass can fill up pretty quickly and old photos in the timeline on the device can be unnecessary. To alleviate this you can simply head for the auto backup card and then swipe forward to clear the videos and photos that are synced to your device.

Finally and after talking to a couple of people in the states who have Glass, not before time: the call handling for Glass will be much more intelligent. Since Glass has the ability to detect when you’re actually wearing it, if you’re not, calls will no longer automatically route through your wearables. Nor will calls route through Glass if you initiate the call or answer it from your phone. Only when you initiate or answer a call from Glass will the call sound be routed through the device. Clever.

Very impressive and very exciting stuff, surely with these usability tweaks and requested features coming to Glass, a retail launch can’t be too far off can it?

Whats got you excited about Google Glass? Features, Apps or the fact its such a new and fresh technology? Share your thoughts with us.

Source: Google Glass G+ Page.
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    Google needs get their butt out of neutral and just release Glass.
    Releasing Glass, unless I am very much mistaken, would be The Most Requested Feature.