HTC One M8

That’s right, HTC may be working on a 5.5″ Quad HD (1440×2560 pixels) brother to the One M8, which is currently going by the name “One M8 Prime”. This rumour that was leaked to HTCSoku, includes a number of unconfirmed specifications that may be featured in the final device. This rumour also suggests that the One M8 Prime will be announced sometime in September.

The specifications in the rumour include:

  • 5.5″ Quad HD display – 1440×2560 pixels
  • 2.3 GHz quad-core Snapdragon 805 processor
  • 3 GB of RAM
  • 18 MP / 5 UP Duo Camera (Featured in the HTC One M8)
  • 16GB Internal Storage
  • USB 3.0

All this seems somewhat believable, except for the USB 3 (completely unnecessary on a mobile device) and the grossly over-specced dimension camera; there’s no need for an 18 MP sensor here.

As it will be a few months before the One M8 Prime will be released, it is important to remember that these specifications are likely to change, and may be different to the specifications in the final device.

What are your thoughts on these specifications in this rumour? Would you consider buying the One M8 Prime?

Source: HTCSoku (Japanese).
Via: Phone Arena.