It seems that as today is a day of the week ending in a Y, we are due for some more OnePlus One news. Today while trolling around the OnePlus website looking for some nice soul to give me an invite I noticed something new.

There is now a BUY button along with a shopping cart alongside the OnePlus One. There is also a how to buy link where they detail how to buy one. It seems that they are sticking to their invite only system unfortunately.
To obtain an invite you can either ask someone who has a OnePlus One to give you an invite- “Anyone who purchases a OnePlus One will receive invites to give out to friends and family”- or you can participate in contests via the OnePlus forums or the OnePlus social media channels.

There is also a small sentence mentioning contests run by OnePlus “partners and friends” as an option to snaffle an invite. This last sentence opens up the possibility for third parties to also run competitions. Who exactly I am not sure of but maybe we could do something here at Ausdroid should we manage to get a few invites. Anyone interested?

How the Invites Work

The invite will arrive via email and inside the email will be a link to purchase the phone. Once you have clicked on the link you need to sign up or log in whereupon you claim your invite. Sounds simple. Unfortunately not.

From here, within 24 hours the invite will appear in your OnePlus account and then you once again need to follow a link, this time on the invite. One last step left, finally, is to click the “Buy Now” button. You can also add accessories to your purchase which is nice as many manufacturers do not have accessories ready at launch. What these accessories are is unknown but one would hope they will be the style swap covers (the interchangeable back covers) and personally I would love a tempered glass screen protector.

SS_2 SS_3

I know what you are thinking, but at this stage there doesn’t seem to be any way to get it without an invite. Clicking on the 16GB Buy button gives you a popup stating “you don’t have the required invite” (ie. it is available if you DO have an invite) and clicking on the 64GB buy button gives a “this product is out of stock error”.

SS_6_noinvite SS_5_outofstock

Once you have completed the above steps with your invite email you can pay for it all with PayPal and your OnePlus will be winging its way to your mail forwarder or your friend/family overseas to pass it on to you here in Australia.

You are now a proud owner of a OnePlus One (plus some much sought-after invites). Congratulations.

Source: OnePlus.
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Y do you need to buy one wen u have xolo wid same features

Philip Healey

I recently got an invite and have ordered the 64GB model via I registered my interest in the phone back in May and unexpectedly got an invite last week. They haven’t told me anything about invites I can give anyone else. The Phone cost me $380 to post to shipito + whatever they will charge me to post it to Australia.


I got mine for $540, the 64GB model.
Amazing phone really, can’t be beat for value IMO


Hell yeah I’d be up for an invite! I can’t wait to get one of these. What do you need me to do? I’ll do almost anything!


If anyone has a invite please send me one … [email protected] would gladly help the next person for a invite


Send me an invite please πŸ˜€ [email protected] Love you~


Please send me an invitation :)))))))))))))))))))
[email protected]

A Nuc

i want a phone that can play GTA vice city on android send an invite


lol thatd be sick


lol thatd be sick

A Nuc

The one plus one phone is the best on the market send an invitation to [email protected]

Anthony Ni

Please send an invite to [email protected] i have been wanting to purchase a good smartphone for a cheap price as i currently have a samsung galaxy ace and its just to old and outdated and i cant afford the big name phones such as iphone samsung, etc. pls help me out πŸ™‚

vladik voina

Please send me an invitation :)))))))))))))))))))
[email protected]

I’m planning to build a game with this phone and to the person who will send me an invite i offer the next 5 games I plan to develop – free of charge !!!! ( +beta release preview )

stephen rowlands

****Positive karma for any good soul who shares an invite with ‘[email protected]’ ****



Right, I really need an invite, been hanging on one for ages, help out please. [email protected]

By the way is it against the rules to buy an invite from someone? Cos I am happy to pay if its allowed.

Jim Anderson

Any chance someone could send me an invite?

Adam Ali

an invite ppplllzzzz…of 64gb………[email protected]


To everyone asking for an invite, go view our latest competition where we’re GIVING AWAY THREE OF THEM! πŸ™‚


Hi if any one has a spare invite I’d also like one thank you. My email is [email protected]


I would also be interested in getting an invite if there are any spares out there. Much appreciated! email: [email protected]


Please also send me an invitation code if there is one. I appreciate it!
[email protected]


If there are any spare invites floating about they will be much appreciated, chasing 64 gig… Keen as…
[email protected]

Joshua Van Egmond

Please send me an invite:
[email protected]

Flap Jack

please invite me, thank u so much
[email protected]

Tom Yehudai

please send me invantion πŸ™‚ I thank you for that
[email protected]

Ward Younis

Please send me the invitation πŸ™‚ and thank you very much – [email protected]

Ahmad Imad

Please Send Me an invitation
[email protected]


Could someone invite me, please?? thank you so much
[email protected]

Asaf Ben Yaakov

please invite me too [email protected]


please would love an invite
[email protected]

Kristjan Hočevar

please invite me, thank u so much
[email protected]

Ryan Nielsen

Please send me an Invite πŸ™‚ It would be much appreciated. I would happily take photos and do a review. Also happy to use a mail forwarding service. [email protected]


Please an invite anyone? Please? [email protected] thankyou in advance πŸ™‚


Please invite WANT for me please : [email protected]
Kind regards

Miro Paananen

I really Want invite if some one has it could someone please send it to me :)))


Yh I’d really want a invite.


I understand they are trying to create demand through creating a limited market as they ramp up… but sheesh this invite thing seems to be generating way to much negative publicity for the buzz upsides.


Yeah. I have to agree that it is not the plan they had- they wont do it again I don’t think. But I’m going to wait and hold off on my final judgement until it’s all over. Problem is that they cannot over estimate the demand for their device. The moment they do they may possibly go under apparently.


Thats exactly it they cannot supply a huge demand right now so are limitimg purchases by using invites, im desperately trying to get one, and when i do i will share my invites with felliw aussies looking to purchase. Not just a random friend πŸ™‚ fingers crossed

russell schwartz

If I get an invite to buy one, I’ll sell my invites that I’m allowed to give out for $20 each.


I’m down for 64GB one, but are they shipping to Australia? I’ve got a mate in Hongkong that can help forward to Australia.


they will sell to anyone anywhere but will only ship to a launch country. If you have a friend or relative in a launch country you are all set. The other option is to use a mail forwarder.


Definitely I’m interested to have one. Is there any available invite from ausdroid for me ! or for others ?! Although with or without invite, thanks for updating about this phone. Impressive phone with this price tag and specification.


no invites yet. Stay tuned on that one. We have plans. hopefully they come to fruition.