Some of the leaked specs for the LG G3 which were reported by Ausdroid back in April, have now been officially confirmed, by LG themselves.

LG have now come clean confirming that the 5.5 inch QHD LCD display will indeed be incorporated in their flagship phone which is expected to be launched on May 27th. In their press release announcing that their 5.5″ QHD displays, originally announced back in August 2013, will be entering mass production, they advised that :

The new Quad HD LCD panel will be unveiled with the forthcoming LG’s flagship smartphone to be launched in the first half of the year.

The displays have been certified by NEMKO based in Norway and are due to go into mass production shortly. They have managed to shrink the bezels down to only 1.15mm which is .5mm less than when they were detailed last year. The LG QHD panels will indeed carry a 2560×1440 2K resolution and should feature in the debut of the still unofficial LG G3.

I don’t know about you; but I think I’ll be holding off buying a new smartphone until I get a look at the LG G3 when it is released.

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LG Display announced today that its 5.5-inch Quad HD (QHD) AH-PS LCD panel for smartphones was certified as a QHD display after passing verified tests by NEMKO, the Norway-based international testing and certification organization for electrical products. The certification comes shortly before the new Quad HD LCD panel will be unveiled with the forthcoming LG’s flagship smartphone to be launched in the first half of the year.

The certified 5.5-inch QHD AH-IPS LCD panel has 2560 x 1440 pixels, four times the image resolution of HD panels and 1.8 times higher resolution than a FullHD panel. With 538 pixels per inch, this panel also meetsthe 100 percent RGB color reproduction standard.

This panel, which will go into mass production shortly,will offer superior performance to other existing smartphone panels. This is an ultra-slimpanel with a mere 1.2 mm thickness and has a 1.15 mm bezel, which will be the narrowest available and 0.05 mm less than panels introduced last year.

In addition, the panel has achieved the same level of brightness as a Full HD panel. It is difficult to raise penetration ratio in higher resolution panels since they have more pixels. However, LG Display successfully achieved higher brightness by improving the penetration ratio through enhancing the pixel structure design and aperture ratio in the LTPS backplane.

The Quad HD display produces images in sharper color and contrast than regular displays because of the greater amount of pixels. This means that high resolution images and videos in the Blu-ray format can be viewed in a fully vivid and realistic manner. The display retains the readability of letters and images without distorting them when they are enlarged while surfing the internet or working on documents.

“This product fulfills the core qualities of smartphone displays, which are high resolution and slim design, and I believe the consumers can enjoy vivid images that are close to real life with this display,” said Byung-koo Kim, Vice President and Head of LG Display’s IT/Mobile Development Group. “LG Display will continue to maintain technology leadership in the super high-resolution smartphone display market above 500 ppi resolution, which will take off this year.”

According to DisplaySearch, the shipment of premium smartphone displays based on LTPS backplanesis expected to grow to 780 million units by this year and 940 million units by next year. These products are going to maintain sufficient competitive advantage in premium product categories where large size, high resolution and low power consumption are key factors.

Source: LG Display.
Via: phandroid.
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I’m installing 80 inch Sharp TVs, 75″ Samsungs both with 1080P and they look great…. this phone is 5.5″… I am over the pixel density wars, seriously…. 720-1080P in a phone is all you could possibly even think of needing.. Phone companies need to put their money in to Lithium cell technology to get batteries lasting 2 days… then and only then will I be impressed anymore… I have a 2.5Ghz Quad core and 2GB ram.. The tech hype is dying imo. usability is now much more impressive. 2c.


I sort of agree with you, but I’d still like to see better cpu’s and more RAM. Battery tech has barely moved in comparison to other mobile tech specs!


CPU’s aren’t the issue I’m finding its the RAM and how it’s allocated and cleared. I have an S5 and it still has 2GB of ram… my S3 4G had 2GB of ram….?!?! and after I restored my small amount of apps it was 65% full at rest.. so speed to open and process is one thing but once the ram clogs, no CPU will help. Also after a week my battery is back to just under one day of above average use out of the battery…sigh


You’re absolutely right.
One other thing that’s really bugging me, which I don’t understand why hasn’t improved more is Memory. I’d love a phone with 128gb of storage, my N5 only packing a poultry 32gb frustrates the hell out of me. Epic phone though.