The G3 in Gold is nothing new, we first saw the rumour along with gold coloured retail packaging for the phone mid-last month. Overnight, GSMArena manged to get hold of some – admittedly blurry – pictures of the actual phone in Gold, and their tipster has added some information on what we’ve up to now thought was an IR blaster on the rear of the phone.

The port which we’ve been assuming was the IR port, which appeared on the rear of the LG G Flex, is apparently a ‘laser’ which will help with taking night shots. This laser is in addition to the OIS+ which their source confirmed would be included with the 13MP camera.

It’s not just hardware which LG are relying on with the G3 camera, the software will see improvements as well. The ‘kimchi’ voice commnads will get visual cues in addition to the voice commands. Clapping your hands or twisting your finger will also initiate a ‘selfie’ in the new camera software.

But it’s the actual photos of the G3 which are interesting. There was a couple of pics which seemingly showed the G3 with a ‘metallic’ rear a couple of days ago, but this latest leaks seems to still be plastic.

First, those bezels….or lack of them, the phone will have a 5.5″ QHD (2560×1440) resolution display as confirmed by LG themselves yesterday, and the fact there is very little bezel to be seen surrounding the screen is a win for design.

There’s little to say other than that, the phone has those re-designed rear keys we’ve seen on numerous occasions now and just looks pretty darned nice. The rumour of a brushed metal back still has us frothing a little, especially with rumours circulating of excellent internal hardware to back up that gorgeous display.

We’ll find out a lot more on the 27th of May, and hopefully it won’t be too much longer after that, that we see actual stock in stores.

Source: GSMArena.