After launching in South Korea this week, it appears that Chromecast is coming to Australia.

After missing the rumoured May 7th launch, the HDMI dongle has appeared for pre-order on the Dick Smith website for $49:

Screen Shot 2014-05-18 at 2.45.07 pm

The dongle will begin shipping on May 28th,but there’s no information on content partners at this stage, nor any word on a rumoured partnership with Telstra, but if you’re in the market for a Chromecast this is your chance to start getting one locally.

For those preferring to shop in store, if you quote catalogue item XH1443, staff will be able to process your pre-order for delivery (in store) on the 27th of May.

Whether you pre-order online or in-store, we recommend a pre-order today in order to ensure you don’t miss out.

Update: It appears that posting the page was an accident. Dick Smith has pulled the page and it now goes to a 404 error page. We still have the screenshot above though, was anyone able to enter an order for a Chromecast while it was live? If so, can you send us a copy of your email confirmation/cancellation via our tip page or straight to me: daniel at ausdroid dot net?

Update: Looks like at least a couple of people got an order in for the Chromecast before the page died. We’re waiting to see what happens once it reaches business hours as to whether the orders will be cancelled.
Chromecast DSE order - annotated

Source: Dick Smith.
Thanks: Beau Giles.
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I caught the model number at Dick Smith: H2G2-42 ๐Ÿ™‚

Nick Fletcher

Page doesn’t exist anymore, should we assume it’s not coming out anymore? Or something less sinister?


what would be better? a Chromecast Vs. The LG Google TV? apart from the obvious the price?

Daniel Tyson

Just ordered one off eBay ๐Ÿ™


This is awesome news! Now the wait begins for official Chromecast support for Australian based apps like ABC iview.

Joshua Hill

I’d rather the developer of aview enables chromecast support. I much prefer their app to the ABC’s.

Phill Edwards

I presume you can plug these into an a/v receiver instead of a TV for Google Play Music?



Alexei Watson

Yes, I have mine plugged in to my receiver, and HDMI-CEC will turn it all on and set the inputs for you.

My amp (like most) doesn’t support HDMI to a zone 2, so to get my CC playing in my second zone, I bought a little gizmo that splits analogue audio out of the HDMI signal, and run that as an input for zone 2. beats buying a $2000+ receiver.


So since we don’t get Netflix or Hulu what can this thing actually do? Stream Youtube to my tv?


You can stream Plex media content to your TV (which works really, really well), as well as YouTube, Google Play Music, Chrome browsing tabs, and many more things. Search the Play Store for ‘Chromecast’ ( and see what other things there are.


What Friend was getting at, Chris, is that for mainstream Australian users, the device is crippled because the content providers which make the device worthwhile in the US, do not operate here.
Without ready access to content, what use is Chromecast for joe.average.user?

Daniel Tyson

Actually Jenny, you can use Netflix on the Chromecast here – bit of playing around with your router, DNS and you’re good to go.


Dan, you’re right, _I_ could.

But like Friend, I was looking at things from the perspective of joe.everage.user
Would joe.average.user know how to do the things you describe, to sneak past geoblocking?


Pfft. Netflix is one service of dozens.. And it really isn’t that great. For me, the best Chromecast app is Plex, hands down. Joe Average would love that too.


Well we could assume that on release there will be iView support at least, probably SBS on demand and maybe something from 7/9 or 10. Quickflix would be a good bet as well. All of these might not be as good as Netflix or Hulu but between all the FTA stations there’s still quite a bit of good content to watch. Even if you’re just catching up on last weeks Landline….

Chromecast works better than Smart TV integrated streaming services. Fact.


I wouldn’t go assuming that much Matt; info we have suggests that those services you’ve listed might not have Chromecast stuff in the wings. Not yet.


haha yeah well this is Australia.. it’s hard (or not hard) to understand why.


If you use chrome browser(desktop) you can mirror anything on the www to your tv


Kitkat google play movies, shows and live stream. Great for just casting youtube to tv from the phone.


Hmm, $49 isn’t a bad price, but nothing like the price it launched for in the US.

I was thinking of importing one from the UK, but held off given the talk of a ‘set top box’ codename “Molly” in the recent changelog leaks as a Tegra 4 based gaming unit. I’d expect the ecosystem to mutate around that, maybe with a chromecast 2 in addition.

Only need to hold off till the end of June to find out.


Yeah Fred, the ‘Australia Tax’ hard at work ripping you off, yet again.

When the AUD was in poor shape compared to the USD, prices were high ‘because the AUD doesn’t have the buying power’
Then once the AUD was at parity prices didn’t come down, they rose, because ‘stock cost more to buy’, and ‘Australia cannot sell cheaply enough to compete’
And now, as the AUD falls again, prices are rising even more, ‘because the AUD is losing its buying power’


Can you please be happy for once or stop complaining…tired

Joshua Hill

Can you please have a public profile or stop dissing people, tired of your complaining too Nick!


If we stop thinking on the negative side about “australia tax” and “what to do with it” we realise it is a great device and at a good price. Remember that Google sells at minimal profit, DSE has to buy, distribute, market and stock the product. They need a profit as well so that price is excellent in my book. Oh and those with half a brain can find a multitude of ways to use this device. I for one am thankful it is coming in this country, the one I got from Amazon is brilliant, I want another for… Read more ยป


She’s prob angry it won’t work with her aldi brauhahanannahn tablet for some reason coa oz tax made normal tabs too high


So we are finally permitted to get this, 10 months after it was launched.


maybe if the nbn was still full steam a head, then nexflix and google would be a bit keener.
At least we are getting stuff a bit quicker than poor NZ.

I hate socialists

I don’t think you quite understand how the entertainment industry works. They are not behoven to a government controlled infrastructure. It is the distributors of movies and television in Australia who determine whether they want Netflix here โ€” not the existence of the NBN.


Yes Jeni you have made your views clear on this many many times.


Chris, online is a global market, with global pre-launch hype.
If an online global mob is NOT going to launch their new toy globally, then they should clearly say so, before the hype can start.


Why ? because you said so ? Really Jeni they can do what they like. What do you expect them to do be silent about it or put up magical unicorn walls to prevent news about the product leaking outside of their target country.
Get real Jeni. They are launching it globally but they do it in their time frame.

Shea Quinn

You can also preorder in store using cat# XH1443 with pickup expected same day 27th May.

Funny most of the staff don’t/still don’t know this. I had to show my guys who were excited.

Daniel Tyson

You know you can tip us about this stuff right?

Shea Quinn

Whilst I would love to tip y’all on everything we have to keep quiet on alot of things :p