Apple’s iMessage service is great for communication between users of Apple’s platforms; users of iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Mac OS devices can communicate amongst themselves for free using Apple’s cloud messaging service, and it’s fairly seamless — users don’t need to register usernames or share them with friends. Apple pairs a mobile number (or in the case of desktops, an email address) with an iMessage account, allowing easy communication.

However, the issue arises when an iOS user, who has used iMessage, switches to an Android device. Yes, they get a significantly better phone, but they might not receive text messages from their old iOS using friends — Apple’s servers don’t really seem to register that an iPhone user no longer is one, and so messages disappear into the ether.

Apple has been in a bit of legal hot water over this issue, so there’s no shortage of motivation to do something about it, and do something they have. Apple has applied a cloud-side fix which will solve the issue in a number of cases, the company says. However, a more comprehensive, device-level fix is in the works and will be rolled out in a future software update.

Have you moved across to Android from iOS and had issues with iMessage? 

Source: Droid Life.
Via: Engadget.
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I get that this is an Android fan site, but the amount of bile and vitriol expressed against Apple is pretty laughable. They’re just a company that makes products. If you don’t like the products, fine, but why spew your venom online for no reason? To make yourself feel better? If there’s one thing I miss about coming to Android, it would be iMessage. It works, works well and is issue free within Apples devices. Hangouts is an abomination of a messaging app, even with the latest update that merges sms/hangouts together (the fact that they were separate for almost… Read more »

Ducks Nuts

So, Apple is allowed to make products which intentionally are anti-competitive and hamper users wishing to change eco-systems? Apple can make a fantastic product for all I care, it’s not for me and I’m allowed to express that however I wish. I understand that you’re probably an iOS person coming to comment on this site and pretend to be a so-called convert to appear balanced, But, where in this article has the author expressed ‘bile and vitriol’ against Apple? The facts are there, Apple has an issue, they have admitted as much. They have released a basic fix for part… Read more »


DN, Andrew was whinging about my description of what the Rotten Fruit Co was doing, which was based upon the source articles for this Ausdroid article, and the comments on those source articles.


Everybody’s as bad as each other. There has been an issue with iMessage users migrating away from iOS devices to other platforms (it’s not limited to Android, you know). That is undeniable. Has Apple been slow to issue a fix? Totally. Have they had their head in the stand? We don’t know. Have they been deliberately delaying a fix? We don’t know. Is this an anti-competitive trick to force people back to Apple? We don’t know. The fact is, there is very little that we genuinely know about this situation, and Jeni’s assertion that this is a conspiracy or deliberate… Read more »


Thanks Kieran. Unlike some Android fans, I don’t hate Apple. I love my Macbook Pro and 27″ Thunderbolt display… 😉


Not sure if you were referring to me with the ‘commenters dragging down the tone’ part, but I’d like to explain myself. I had no issue with the article whatsoever, it was fine. It was the replies from a particular user (Jeni) who just turns these comments sections to trash with her negativity, elitism and childish fanboyism (which is ironic seeing as she looks 50+). Seems like the mods really don’t care about the crap she posts. It’s always negative, always trollish when it’s about Apple and contributes nothing positive to the comments. Mods seem to have a very relaxed… Read more »


It doesn’t matter if iMessage is better than Hangouts. Steamroller is coming.


This has been an issue from the first day of iMessage. I moved off iProne just after it was released and my txt messages all stopped due to iMessage until I put my sim back in, turned off imessage waited till it registered then moved to my android phone. This is not just for recent moves, last month my friend who stupidly still has an iBone was sending me messages but they never arrived, iMessage still had my number in the system from over 4 years ago so decided to send via their iMissage. So the point is if you… Read more »


Chris, the reason Apple did not carry out the maintenance sooner to fix this, is purely predatory marketing on Apple’s part.
Apple wanted its straying iSheep to come crawling back, after any said iSheep who went to The Green Side were cut off from all the iGoodness.
iMessage failing was a easy way to make this personal.


Phew I am glad you know the inside scoope Jeni. I thought they were just arrogant and didn’t give a crap about people who left the family.
I tell everyone on iPhone to ditch iMessage and they have all commented how they didn’t realise so many messages were being lost to that service and how unreliable it can be when data issues occur.


The style of predatory marketing was mentioned in the comments on the source articles linked to.


Jeni, I don’t know how you manage to rub everyone up the wrong way. But you do. I now read the comments expecting to see this. My advice is – quit it with the negativity, ASSumption to details and know-it-all attitude. Maybe its the style by which you write, or it could be your avatar picture. Clearly something needs to change.



I love reading Ausdroid, absolutely hate reading the comments because guaranteed there’s going to be some garbage post by JeniSkunk.

Every single time.


Pfffft. Jeni? “Scoop”?