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Lenovo is set to enter the wearables market according to Lenovo Mobile Division president, Liu Jun. Jun told Mobile Geeks that we’d see a Lenovo wearable before the end of the year, hopefully, or early next year.

This really shouldn’t be a surprise; Jay Parker, president of Lenovo North America announced at CES in January that Lenovo would be probably be doing so.We’ll be interested to see whether Lenovo goes down the path of an Android Wear device, or some other platform (as Samsung has done with the Gear 2, for example). Google hasn’t specifically mentioned Lenovo when outlining its hardware partners, so it’s entirely possible that Lenovo’s going it alone (like Sony has done).

Lenovo being more of a presence in APAC than elsewhere in the world suggests that the watch may first launch into Asian markets rather than the US, but that’s really just speculation; we’ve no information on where a Lenovo wearable will show up.

One hopes that once the Motorola Mobility sale goes through, Lenovo take a bit of inspiration from the hugely anticipated Moto 360.

Source: Mobile Geeks.
Via: Android Central.