For the last few months, Ausdroid has been working on a bit of a project with the guys at Gadgets 4 Geeks. We’ve promoted their stuff before on Ausdroid and run a few specials here and there, but the one thing we wanted to do was to have our own store for Android accessories.

So, with that in mind, today we (sort of) announce the soft launch of the Ausdroid Gadget Store. Those of you who’ve logged in on the desktop in the last 24 hours or so might have seen it appear in the menu bar.

What is it?

Some of the bigger players overseas do it, and there’s (now) no reason why Ausdroid can’t — we review the latest and best devices, and many of you guys like to buy them, and it only makes sense to accessorise your new toy with a proper case, screen protector and the like, and often these are hard to find in shops.

We’ve used it to sell some ex-review devices and things in the past, but now we’re hoping to use it to sell new products, including a range of cases, chargers, screen protectors, wireless chargers, accessories and more. We couldn’t have done this without the assistance of the guys behind Gadgets 4 Geeks, so a big thanks to them as well.

Here’s how it works

We’ll be adding new products to the Ausdroid Gadget Store every now and then, but you’re not limited to choosing just what’s available at the time. If you see something that you’d like on the Gadgets 4 Geeks website, and you want to buy it through the Ausdroid Gadget Store, drop us a line and tell us what it is, and we’ll add it for you to order.

Purchasing is easy — select the products you want, check out, pay by credit card (no PayPal here; just Stripe, nice and easy) and your order will be shipped from the G4G stock room in Sydney.

Every purchase you make through the Ausdroid Gadget Store supports Ausdroid. It’s G4G stock, but sold through our store, and we receive a small commission for every product sold. So, if you’re going to buy something, make sure you help us out in the process.

It’s still early days..

The Ausdroid Gadget Store is a work in progress; we wanted to share it with you as soon as we could, but it’s still being worked on. Accordingly, please do bear with us as we get things up and running at full speed, however you can (and should) expect that all orders will be processed quickly and you’ll receive your new gear as soon as possible.

Please try it out, have a look at what’s on offer, and most importantly, if you’re not going to buy something, suggest us a few products that you would like to buy from the G4G inventory so we can add them to the Ausdroid Gadget Store.

Don’t forget to tell us what you think, as well! All feedback welcome.

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    Utsav Shrestha

    This is a great news. I’ve been reading your articles since the beginning, and its getting better and better.

    Craig Muldoon

    Gotta have PayPal – bit of a copout to pretend the stripe (in an online environment) is nice and easy, its not when compared to common options like PayPal and Google Wallet.


    Google Wallet might be nice to have, but PayPal as a platform sucks.PayPal have frozen my business account more times than I care to think about before I switched to offering payments through Stripe (which is easy no matter what you think) as well as options for Google Wallet and Amazon payments.


    We’ll try PayPal out; Google Wallet can’t be used by Australian merchants though (except for selling things on the Play Store).


    Thanks guys. Store worked a lot better than I was expecting. No issues to report. Smooth. PayPal would be ok but Google Wallet would be better.. not sure if that’s something merchants can use in AU though or if and how it would integrate into your store.

    Dennis Bareis

    I’m hoping you are going to add the recently reviewed Choetech T510 Qi Wireless Car Charger Dock


    We will if G4G stock them. Closest I think they have is this:


    Cool idea, even though I don’t yet have any suitable devices to accessorize

    Yianni soc

    I’m sure if you ask, G4G will stock something for your device… Or you could pull the trigger on that G3 when its out? 😉


    *JeniSkunk chuckles ironicaly

    I don’t think any place would stock accessories for the devices I use, Yianni. LG P500 Optimus One phone and an Aldi Bauhn WL-101GQC 10.1in tablet. Gear that definitely isn’t current spec mainstream.

    I’m waiting to see the reviews on the G3 before deciding.

    Stephen Crisafulli

    Sounds good, Android Central have been doing it for ages and Im happy to have a direct why to support the site.


    Why no PayPal?


    We’ll consider it. Frankly we don’t like dealing with them, but equally, we know it’s something customers will probably want.


    Domino’s just added PayPal as an option this week or so. Which has the advantage of allowing people to prepay online without a credit card. Also, I’m not you 😉