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The Nexus 8 has apparently been leaked, at least according to Chinese site MyDrivers, who have posted the photos below of the Nexus 8 inside a protective shell. The shells of course are now common place for large manufacturers, such as HTC who are rumoured to be building the Nexus 8, to test out the internals of products in the real world without allowing the final design to be seen.

Hardware wise, the tablet is rumoured to be running a 64-bit processor with 3GB of RAM, but whether it’s a Qualcomm 64-bit processor or an Intel Moorefield 64-bit chip is unclear at this stage. Large manufacturers like Asus went completely Intel based for their new range of tablets recently and Samsung has been using Intel chips in their Galaxy Tab line of late as well, combine this with supposed issues with Qualcomm over open-source access from the last Nexus 7 release, and a closer relationship between Intel and Google, which was recently shown off at the ChromeOS event they held recently and an Intel based Nexus device is certainly a possibility.

With a 64-bit processor on board, that will mean we should be expecting a lot more information about 64-bit in Android at Google I/O later this month. The current rumour is that the Nexus 8 will be the reference device for the next version of Android which MyDrivers believes will be Android 4.5.

Of course, we’ll have to wait for at least Google I/O for any news on a new tablet, or 64-bit support in Android, although we were made to wait till almost the end of July for the last Nexus 7, so it’s possible we could be waiting that long this year.

Source: MyDrivers.
Via: GForGames.
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For the love of god I hope that is a joke. That is the ugliest looking tablet. Period.


I’ve looked really hard and struggle to see any sort of ‘shell’ for it to be in. Other leaked devices you could see a shell. But this looms like it’s all part of the body. If it is a shell, then whew. If not than…..damn that’s ugly. Also if it is being manufactured by HTC, there don’t appear to be any signs of dual front-facing stereo speakers :(. Was really hoping that would have made it in the device seeing as it’s supposedly developed by HTC. Also a metal build would have been fantastic, but the Nexus line being high… Read more »


Its made by HTC but has to still look like a basic google phone like the rest on their line so I doubt it will have the cool features htc have on their flagships for this budget phone. Be nice though


I would be disappointed if this is legit. That bezel is approx 8.2kms wide!

Daniel Tyson

‘Nexus 8 inside a protective shell’ – doubt it would be the case. Check out pics of phones like the Nexus 5 in these cases and you’ll see they’re called ugly for a reason.