Samsung Galaxy S5 Fixed Dock

A frustration known by many Samsung device owners in Australia is the inability to edit the dock icons (shown above), which users see below all app home screens. Just about every other Android phone in existence allows the user to change these ever-present icons — ordinarily users can select Chrome or Gmail instead of the default Messages or Internet icons, or they can replace them with anything they like.

Samsung, however, hasn’t allowed users to do this for quite some time, and it’s been a festering sore.

It’s something that will probably start to hurt a little less now though, with Samsung pushing out an update to Galaxy S5 owners (at this stage) which fixes a few other things, but importantly, allows the editing of these dock icons for the first time.

Keep an eye out for an OTA update for a version ending in ‘NE1’, or for some Australian carriers ‘NE2’ which contains the update. If you don’t see it OTA, you can of course install the update manually by use of the Kies desktop software.

Have you received the update? What else have you noticed?


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Nova launcher is the answer there. ..

Greg Lamb

Hadn’t noticed before but I can’t seem to create a folder on any home screen. Is this another thing that we were locked out of?

Greg Lamb

Never mind. Looked at the instructions on web/Youtube and either I didnt understand or they werent clear enough but found new folder is there. Have to edit screen before New folder option appears at top. Not very intuitive at all.


I tried it and it works/ now can anyone tell me without installing launcher is there official update for S4


Now to fix the Auto-Rotate and Camera Shutter Silence

Peter Graham

two words .. Nova Launcher


I might be the only one here who doesn’t like using Launchers hah


i don’t think you’d get far without using any launcher at all. you mean alternate launchers? like nova etc.?


Haha yeah that’s what I meant. Launchers like Nova etc.

James Z

got the update and that editing is so awesome


can you explain please as to what is awesome


Does it fix the needlessly involved process needed just to rearrange home screen icons? (Menu>Edit>Make changes>Press “Save”) as this isn’t an issue on samsungs international firmwares either, it’s another Australian exclusive quirk.


I have baseband version ending in (ANE1) I am unable to do this. editing the dock


for me it is little too late, i have found a launcher i am happy with.


I used Nova Launcher before to change the dock but now with this update I don’t need to use it anymore.

Greg Lamb

Installed the update the other day and changed the dock icons. Doesnt really matter now though as I’ve been using Google Now launcher to get around this and won’t be going back to TouchWiz.


Hope this is rolled out to all Australian models of Samsung devices impacted by this issue

Sean Royce

I never understood why this was an Australian only thing.


Apple lawsuit won over Samsung affecting Australian handsets

Sean Royce

Absolute bullshit. Fucking Apple.


Intelligent response. Heaven forbid Apple wanting to protect their patents. Don’t hate the player. Think about how easy it is to register patents in Australia.

Sean Royce

Considering that Apple is only ever attacking Samsung directly and no other Android companies of which there are a lot, then yes, it was an intelligent response.