The LG G3 is about to launch in Australia, pre-orders for all three major carriers are now open and the phone is expected to be in-stores on the 4th of August(5th of August for Telstra). There has been some (ok, a lot) of discussion every time we’ve posted on the LG G3 as to which version will be coming to Australia.

To start with there are two major hardware variants of the LG G3 handset. There are sub-variants with different radios, but by and large, there are only two differences in the models available. The first model, which we will be getting in Australia, has 2GB of RAM and 16GB of on-board storage. This spec is the same for all Australian Stock of the LG G3, it is the same model across all carriers and retailers, no exceptions.

But, there is another version of the LG G3, which has so far seen a release in Korea, but also in various other markets – the US and some European countries. The second variant has 3GB of RAM and 32GB of on-board storage. Android fans being spec junkies are clamouring for the 3GB/32GB version, I’ve used the 2GB/16GB Australian stock and first impressions are great, it’s a very smooth running phone. But, we know you want more, and you can get it.

Before we start telling you where, you’ll need a little bit of information on what to look for when you’re buying a phone overseas. First you want to make sure it will work with our 3G networks – cause we all love 3G. The three frequencies used by carriers in Australia are the 850MHz (Vodafone/Telstra), 900MHz (Vodafone/Optus) and 2100MHz (Telstra, Vodafone and Optus), there’s not too much to worry about here as most phones have pentaband 3G radios which are classed as ‘Global’ phones and are designed to work almost anywhere.

Next you’ll need LTE (4G). There are a number of LTE frequencies used in Australia by the three carriers – the major frequency used in most of Australia is 1800MHz band which is used by all three carriers except by Optus in Canberra. In Canberra, due to some frequency shuffles with the Department of Defence, Optus was unable to get any 1800MHz spectrum and has implemented a 2300MHz LTE network they’ve labelled 4G Plus, they’re actually rolling this network out further to other sites in Australia. There will be a couple of new frequencies coming online in the next few months, firstly the 2500MHz network in October, followed by the 700MHz network in January.

To sum up, if you want to import a phone make sure it has 850/900/2100MHz for 3G and 700/1800/2300/2500MHz networks for 4G, you don’t need all these bands, the preference is for the 1800MHz as it’s the most widely used…for now.

Now, where can you get the 3GB/32GB version?

Firstly, we posted on an eBay Group Buy earlier today. The deal includes a 3GB/32GB LG G3, with the appropriate LTE bands:

  • [3G] – 850/900/1900/2100MHz
  • [4G LTE] – 700/800/900/1800/2100/2300/2600MHz

Thee deal ends on the 29th of this month, and we will end any association with the deal with the caveat of buyer beware, think about things such as warranty and buyer protection – this is after all some seemingly random person on the internet setting up a group buy on eBay.

Next, if you want something a little more solid, our local friends at Kogan and Mobicity are selling the 3GB/32GB variant of the LG G3. You can find the detaila on their websites, and is probably preferable as they offer a local warranty :

These models also have the appropriate LTE and 3G bands for Australia.

So, come down to it. The LG G3 in the 2GB/16GB is a bloody good phone from our brief time with it – we currently have it on the review bench. But if you REALLY must have the 3GB/32GB version you now know you won’t be getting it from an Australian carrier, but you also know where you can get it if you want it. Happy buying.

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It seems the version of phones offered through the telcos may not even
support the 2500 network (not on the Vodafone site anyway) All the other
bands between the import and Australian stock seem the same.


Picked up the D855 G3 (the European 3/32GB variant) about a month ago. Not so much for the extra RAM but because I think 16GB is too little and wanted some headroom. Sure you can throw a microSD card in there, but not all apps play nicely with expandable storage.

Gavin Bowd

Hi Strand,
How’re you finding the 3gb G3? I have the same thinking as you. Any issues with Aussie carriers? Or battery life?