Optus has released new prepaid mobile plans starting at just $1 per day, with the added bonus that users only pay for days that they actually use. For most of us, this doesn’t offer too much, as we use our phones all the time, but for those more infrequent users it could be a bit of a way to save some money.

Marketed as “Don’t use, don’t pay”, Optus says the new My Prepaid Daily gives users the freedom to pay only for days they use their phones, and great value when they do. At just $1 per day, users receive an allowance of calls, SMS and data, and if they go over the included minutes/megabytes, they automatically jump up to the next highest tier, and so on.

In simple terms, if you’re not using your phone much on a given day, you pay $1 or $2 depending on your chosen option. If you use your phone a bit more, you pay a bit more, but only for that day. The full pricing tables are set out below and explain how this works nice and clearly:

Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 8.59.40 pm
Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 8.59.47 pm

Of course, there’s some new features for these Prepaid plans beyond the pricing structure:

  • Long expiry: Recharge from $10 or up to $100 and you’ll get six months credit expiry. Recharge credit will roll over if you recharge before expiry.
  • Flexibility: If you don’t use for a day, you don’t pay. When you do use, you’ll get greater value and will be automatically bumped up if usage increases.
  • Low international rates: From a few cents per minute and no flagfall.
  • Extra data: Reached your daily data max? It’s only $2 for 200MB/$5 for 500MB a day for My Prepaid Daily or $2 for 500MB a day for My Prepaid Daily Plus.

For those who prefer to budget for things on a longer, monthly basis, Optus has the My Prepaid Monthly offers, with recharge options of $30, $45 and $60 on a rolling 30 day basis. From $45 and up, the plans include unlimited national calls, and lots of data.

You might be thinking “hey, my phone downloads things even when I’m not using it”, and you’d be right. If you’re keen on the My Prepaid Daily options, you might do well to remember to turn your mobile data off on days that you don’t plan to use your phone, to prevent background data from eating up another $1 coin.

For those with a hunger for more details, here are the plan details shared by Optus:

Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 8.59.52 pm

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( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I feel incredibly ripped off now. I pay $70 a month for just 1GB of data. Not to mention my last plan was cheaper and I got 1.5gb of data a month.


I am paying $17 a month for 1.5gig of data and more than I can use in calls and SMS, So much cheaper and on optus network with 4g. not that great value really to be paying $1 a day or $30 approx a month.


What provider are you using to get this deal?

Elliot Kotis



$60/month for 15gb data.. that is insane.


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It’s not new either. It’s basically $2 days re-branded for the third time. I’ve been on it for ages and I absolutely change off it for anything.

master baiter

used to be unlimited data


its 5GB mate note 15GB i think you looked at the extras $15 pack


He means the $2 daily offer, which gives you 500MB per day. So if you use it every day, thats (30 x $2 = $60) for an average month and (500mb x 30 = 15GB) for the same month.