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Nexus release time means you have to carry a large grain of salt at all times, so with that in mind, here we go. Leaker @TKTechNews, famous for initially leaking the Samsung Galaxy S5 Active, is reporting this morning that the upcoming Motorola Nexus phone will be called the Nexus X – model # XT1100. TK has provided the above screenshot from the website Fnac, an international entertainment retailer, which he’s using for proof of this assertion.

A search of the Fnac website, brings up no results for Nexus X or XT1100 – meaning that the page was either pulled, or never there meaning that the screenshot is possibly faked. Leaning more to the faked sequence of events is that the listing comes complete with a description of ‘LG D821 Nexus 5 16GB’.

Will Motorola make the next Nexus phone? It’s not that far-fetched now that Google has sold Motorola to Lenovo, but bear in mind that sale has not yet been completed. With that in mind, members of the Open Handset Alliance may still be a little uncomfortable with a Google company making a Nexus phone.

With a pretty decent looking spec list, the TK advises that it is due for release on the 17th of September, a long way from the October/November release schedule we’ve seen for the past three Nexus phones. At a price of €419.99, the phone would cost around AU$595.65, another step above the current relative price of the Nexus 5.

Remember, big grain of salt here. Thoughts?

TK has updated his post with some more ‘leaks’. The new information is apparently from a Best Buy employee who has found the XT1100 – Nexus X on some sort of internal or unlisted webpage.

The Best Buy listing is apparently for a phone destined for the Sprint network. The screenshot shows a list of specs including :

  • LMP Operating System
  • 4G LTE Speed
  • Google Now
  • Moto Skip
  • Moto Aware
  • Color Touch Screen
  • 2.7GHz
  • 5.9 inch Quad HD Display

This rings more alarm bells, the inclusion of Moto Aware and Moto Skip is not consistent for a Nexus device. The naming of LMP, while consistent with rumours for the actual name of the Android L release, hasn’t been announced, so is neither here nor there.

Colour me skeptical, but I’m still not convinced. Over to you again.

Source: TKTechNews.
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Phonearena just did a separate independent piece also – seems to be fully consistent.




Seeing the update has me more confused.

Wasn’t the previous leak from this TK Tech News a 5.3″ device? Now it’s 5.9″?

And yes, seeing Moto Skip and Moto Aware seem more like a Moto device (assuming it’s not fake) rather than a Nexus.

Daniel Tyson

TK has spoken about a 5.2″ and 5.9¨ Motorola devices. Not sure what this is. Waiting to see if anyone tips us with anything local.


How reliable are TK Tech News? I’ve personally never heard of them, but maybe I’m out of the loop. You mentioned that they leaked the Galaxy S5 Active, which is cool, but Samsung made a Galaxy S4 Active last year, so guessing an S5 Active would be released this year really wouldn’t be much of a stretch. Sorry, I’m just really skeptical about all this info. A lot of things aren’t lining up: – Have heard of the Nexus 6 device being a 5.2″, 5.9″ and 5.3″ device. – Have heard it’ll have Motorla branded apps on it (wtf) –… Read more »

Daniel Tyson

He actually got a Galaxy S5 Active Handset about a week and a half before it was released or announced. Still waiting on what happened with the Moto G2 rumours he had. He seems to have a source in Motorola.

Evan Blass – @Evleaks – arguably THE best leaker in the business supports him and thinks he’s got what it takes.

Dawei Deng

still waiting for google to drop the price of Nexus 5….Hopefully this week!!!


salt. lots of grains of salt.


Fakey McFakerson Someone edited a bit of HTML but forgot to do the breadcrumb trail and we are supposed to believe it? Mind a name like Nexus X would make sense, linking it with the MotoX+1 which would appear to be its cousin. Still with the problem that it would effectively be the Motorola flagship device, but without their name on it. As for the date, as far as I know they are still into (buggy) preview releases of ‘L’, and google usually do proper launches where you can buy immediately. Seems unlikely that that will all come together by… Read more »


Yep that’s what I noticed as well. You can see the trail says “LG D821 Nexus 5 – 16GB (Black)”

Then it supposedly shows this Nexus X and for whatever reason, you can see the spell checker highlighting ‘quad’ in red……yeah…..

Total fake. I feel like Ausdroid jump the gun a little too quickly with Nexus 6 and Nexus 8/9 rumours.

Need to just chill a little, have a look at the info, see if other credible sites are reporting on it and then decide to report it.

Jason Murray

In general we like to report Nexus rumours so as to avoid drowning in a deluge of tips about them. Readers usually like a place to discuss them, too.

I think Dan did a good job of pointing out the reasons to take the rumour with a grain of salt.


I agree, I’d rather hear about it here then not at all.


Numnuts – PhoneArena and 9to5Google are reporting the same story, How about These guys actually know what they’re talking about, instead of you who seems to talk out of your proverbial.

Ausdroid are often first to news, it’s one of the reasons I come here. They’re the best sources of information on Android in Australia, and often the world. Especially Daniel who seems to write most of the posts.


But.. There is already a Nexus 10.

Nexus X is just not possible.