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Asus has a smatwatch coming at IFA next week, they’ve announced it previously, and today they’ve followed up with a closer look at their watch revealing a few things about the design.

The picture contains the same quote from Lebanese artist, poet, and writer, Khalil Gibran as the last teaser – Time has been transformed and we have changed. The sketch that they’ve released – while possibly not of the final product – shows that the watch will have a slightly more ergonomic curved design, with seemingly a matching curved display. While not 100% clear, one of the descriptions attached to the diagram do seem to indicate that there could be a front camera on the watch.

Asus - 2nd Smartwatch teaser

With a rumoured low-end price tag around the $99-$150 mark, the Asus smartwatch is believed to be the cheapest Android Wear watch to date. The low-end price tag is something that people not keen on forking out over $250 for an Android Wear watch have been waiting for. The announcement is due next week on September 3rd and we’ll be asking Asus Australia about more information on a local launch as soon as it’s announced.

Source: Asus.