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The Motorola launch on the 4th of September should give us our first official look at the Moto X+1, but with the launch so close, the phone will of course show up in the wild, that’s what’s happened this afternoon.

The phone which is due for announcement on the 4th, won’t make an appearance in-store until the 28th, which his sources say will be in AT&T stores in the US. AT&T will also be the first carrier in the US to get access to the Moto Maker customisation service which the US saw exclusively at launch last year. Moto Maker has since rolled out to Europe, but he hasn’t advised any details on Moto Maker beyond US launch.

Moto X+1

The rear of the phone is black, but doesn’t appear to be plastic – could it be the leather material that we heard about back in April from Evleaks? Also missing is an obvious camera flash, could it possibly be embedded in a circle around the camera lens?

We’ll know more on the fourth of September.

Source: KDog350.
Via: TKTechNews.