Motorola is supposed to be unveiling their new range of products today, which should include an upgraded Moto X and Moto G phone, as well as the Moto 360 Android Wear watch and another accessory, which appears to be some sort of Bluetooth headset. But we won’t be seeing a live-stream of an event, instead Motorola will start showing off their goodies on their social media channels.

On their Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages, Motorola has advised they will begin showing off products at 1am CT – which, if our maths is correct, should be around 4pm this afternoon AEST.

The announcements of their devices, will then be followed up with a live Q&A with Lauren Gellman, Director of Product Marketing, and Steve Sinclair, VP of Product Marketing who will answer questions live on air, during a Live Stream, set to go live at 2:30pm CT – or around 4:30am tomorrow (6th Sept) morning. While you will need to be on the Google+ event page to participate in the Q&A, you will be able to watch the live stream on YouTube, which you can watch in this embedded video :

Join us this afternoon, to see exactly what Motorola has in store and let us know what you expect to come along this afternoon.

Source: +Motorola.
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Onel Benjamin

Seriously, come on!


Any Local announcements due?


Now i understand why i was having a hard time trying to work out what time the event was on and if there was going to be some coverage of it!.
You can tell that they have lost some Google influence… otherwise they would have just waited until the eleventh hour and then dropped the press release with little or no fanfare.

Matt Booth

What happened to the Motorola event in Chicago? This is delay after delay, just release the thing already!


I read that it was just a press gathering and that they (the press) can’t release anything until 2am central time.

Alexei Watson

Would’ve been OK if they’d have made it clear it was a closed doors event.

They better be launching tomorrow. I’m pretty over waiting for the 360, especially now we’ve heard that devices will come with stand alone GPS in the near future.

Daniel Tyson

Press are learning about it prior, so we’ll probably be barraged with news stories at 1am CDT.


At least Australians will be able to watch this announcement event as it happens, without needing to stay awake all night.


Why would you do that anyway when the Ausdroiders are doing that anyway and are on top of it. Sleep wake up when you do and check back here. So much more civilised.